Best way to light up fireworks

I have long wanted to make something like the following happen

specially around Halloween

Reminds Johnny of the time they accidentally set off the whole fireworks show at once. A glorious fail!

It appears a few in the crowd had reconsidered their attendance upon having thought it a nuclear test.

The answer is blowtorch.


That’s good, but collateral damage plus a whole lot of risk if you are only trying to light one at a time. Be careful out there FYB!

no no, I don’t want to light up one at a time. I want to light up whole stores at a time because I hate the stuff.

I see. Well I don’t think your local fire marshal will agree with you.

It’s cool you have a flame thrower though.

Pretty impressive! I’ve always loved fireworks.

The philistines and killjoys though banned firecrackers in my home town of London back in 1966.