Best turf !

The natural field gives our beloved AND feared Eskimos an unfair advantage. The wear and tear is less and our players learn the grass.
The Cfl should have to spot incoming teams 10 points to make a sport of the game :rockin:

i think for the last 2 years while the esks were sh#$ting the bed at home and not making the playoffs that the other teams WERE being spotted the aforementioned 10 points. all of a sudden, there's a team to brag about again in e-town and you're bringing out the home grass is an unfair advantage-same friggin natural grass as when they were gettin their a#$es handed to them the last two years. take it easy there elvis on the unfair advantage, you're not out of the woods yet.

city legend

Ok enough is enough. First, football was traditionally played on grass not artifical turf. Second there are more injuries with artifical turf than grass. Third Commonwealth Stadium is more than just a football stadium. In the past we have hosted world class soccer events and ameture athletic competitions including The Commonwealth Games (hence the name). Just this summer Edmonton hosted a match between David Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps. In 2001 we hosted the IAAF world championships. It is also the home field for the national womens soccer league and up until last year home field for the mens team as well. Last but certanly not least, other teams fans only complain about our real playing surface if they lose here. Dont forget the Eskimos have to play on carpet at every other stadium in Canada soooo in fact we should be spotted points considering we are disadvantaged when playing on artifical turf.... Oh wait a minute we adapt to the field and find a way to win and not use lame excuses when we dont win. Commonwealth will always have real grass...the same stuff the calgary cheerleaders graze on...Sorry I couldn't resist. LOL

I think the grass is a non issue for any team in the CFL . I think were the problem lies is they don't let any team coming in practise on it so they can adjust their Footwear .

Doesn't matter what type of truff, they all have to play on it. Last week though players were slip sliden away. Grass was comming out in big chunks. Regina turf takes getting used to also, because of the hudge slope from the middle to the sides.

Yeah i noticed that slope on TV, it is pretty unreal. Was it designed that way because of some major drainage problems at field level or something?

Yes it was, but its so stupid. Try running on it. Your either going up or downhill. Makes it hard for recievers and qb's. Thats why some passes are high on the reciever or low, depending where the Qb is throwing from

If the Turf is the best, then how come there was talk about it being replaced??

it's not so great. a vast majority of the Pro's who've played on it, do not like it one bit!