Best Transition?: NFL to CFL, CFL to NFL, XFL to CFL

I run dry after Doug Flutie. Was there anyone else?

A couple more XFLers off the top of my head, Adriano Belli and Dan Goodspeed.

Maybe one of the older guys (who I don't remember).

Memphis Showboat WR Gizmo Williams
was briefly on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.
Didn't "star" in the NFL, of course.

How about our own Ezekiel.

The NFL to CFL busts are the ones that come to mind. I remember the hype when the Cats' signed #1 NFL draft pick Tim Rosenback. I don't remember much about him after that.

How about a tall wide receiver named Ron Johnson . I believe he went to play for the Eagles . I believe he was the WR on the other side of the field from Keith Baker . Did Baker go to the NFL as well ??

An ex NFLer who came here from the Bills John Holland did very well here in Hamilton .

Joe Harris went to play for the Redskins as a LB .

Felix Wright had a pretty good go with both the Cats and the Brown.

Heck he was in the original Tecmo Bowl

This thread reminds me about the story of Doug Flutie signing autographs for fans at a game in Shreveport, and being asked "when are you coming back to the pros?".

CFL to NFL: Warren Moon and Cookie Gilchrist (Gilchrist going to the old AFL)

NFL to CFL: Doug Flutie, hands down.

XFL: Really consider that more of a blip than a development league...

WFL to CFL: Jimmy Edwards

Oski Wee Wee,

Well not starred in the CFL Sam Mills counts.