Best Transition?: NFL to CFL, CFL to NFL, XFL to CFL

Who do you guys/girls feel made the best transition/impact in their new leagues?

From the CFL to the NFL?

From the NFL to the CFL?

From the XFL to the CFL?

I don't know every single player that has made the jump and don't claim to be an EXPERT football mind, but here are my picks...

CFL to NFL: Mike Vanderjagt. You can't knock the record that he holds. He may have lost some skills and developed a bit of an attitude while in the NFL but he still did VERY well over there.

Honorable Mention: Joe Theisman.

NFL to CFL: Ricky Williams... AHHHHH HAHAHA... Sorry... had to say it.

Actually, I really don't know. I'm not talking about some guy that plated on a practice squad and then made the jump. I mean a legit starter that ended up going to the CFL. Yeah... don't have an answer really.


Marcus Crandell. I'm pretty sure he played in the CFL first, but whatever - lol. He, imo, is a very good QB. I really like him and would certainly welcome him in a 'Cats uni.

Honroable Mention: John Avery, Noel Prefontain.

Remember, before you blast me... I used to be hockey, hockey, hockey. I know Tiger-Cats but NOTHING about NFL really.



NFL to CFL - I think you’ll find quite a few fringe starters. Most superstars dont need to come up here. The one I think you’ll be able to truly say, and its a hunch cos he just started is Bethel Johnson.

WARREN MOON By far #1!..I.m.o.


cfl to nfl-Jeff Garcia
coach marv levy montreal to buffalo

Warren Moon - only player elected to both hall of fames.

Marv Levy - Two Grey Cup championships. 4 straight superbowl appearances.

Doug Flutie without a doubt.

Seems to me there have been more CFL players leave the CFL and make more of an impact in the NFL than when NFL'ers come here. Other then Dougie, my memory is drawing blanks.

Fernandez and Greer did well in the NFL.

Joe Kapp gives Moon and Flutie a run for their money

How about Jospeph for NFl to CFL??

I think you're all forgetting Marc Gastineau and Dexter Manley. NFL - CFL.

Jon Ryan and Lawerence Tynes are doing ok in the NFL. Don't forget Gil Ferenty and Sheldon Quarrles.

John Avery was with the Dolphins before going to the XFL

Dieter Brock did well CFL-NFL

Marv Levy - Two Grey Cup championships. 4 straight superbowl appearances.
Bud Grant also in the coaching dept. Six grey cup appearances in ten years and won four of them. Led Vikings to four straight super bowl appearances losing all four.

I’d forgotten aboutBud Grant. 6 Grey Cup appearances and 4 wins.
And just like Marv Levy, 4 superbowl appearances.

Pretty good pedigree those CFL’ers have.

Felix Wright of the cats did well cfl-nfl.

don't forget former Ticat Nick Harper!!

how about drinkwalter

Another great (although lesser known) CFL - NFL transition was Harrold Hasslebach. He was a Canadian DT for Calgary and was invited to the Broncos camp in 93 or 94. He made the roster and was rotated in often. He became a decent force and was with them at least 4-5 years. Not sure what happened to him after that.

Looks like he was with Green Bay also:

[url=] ... yers/2981/[/url]

Found a photo of him:

how about cfl to wrestling

Mosca VS Dwayne

NFL - CFL for sure. Yes everyone can find a few cases of being the other way around. However, half of our league or more has some kind of NFL experience, even if they got cut in training camp.

XFL, well do we really have to discuss that sorry sack league?

I don’t count Printers as NFL to CFL because he never played.

I am talking about someone that had a ROLE on an NFL team and ended up playing in the CFL.


Rison, Williams, Couch, McMahon.

Wow… all went to the Argos and all sucked!

ps - I just thought of my winner for NFL to CFL. Lawrence Phillips.


I meant Robert Edwars not Lawrence Philips.

But... Philips was a good CFLer when he wasn't being an a-- h---.

Trashing the XFL may be fashionably easy...
but that league was full of CFL starters:

Marcus Crandell
Jeremaine Copeland
John Avery
Paul McCallum
Noel Prefontaine
Kelvin Anderson
Jeff Pilon
Chris Perez
Saladin McCullough
Travis Moore .

plus it had a few younger players
who went on to have NFL success:

Mike Furrey
Corey Ivy
Paris Lenon
Kevin Kaesviharn
Rod Smart .

Of course, I am not even counting Tommy Maddox,
who started his career in the NFL and went back.

quick, name one person who starred in usfl, nfl, and cfl.

Then try to name another.