Best Trainer in the CFL

Bill Reichelt is the best trainer in the CFL. He's been the Head Trainor of the Leos for an unbelievable 29 seasons. I first met Bill and his partner in crime Stu Kehoe at the Lions training camp in Courtenay. Bill's professional approach and excellent interpersonal skills stood out for me.

Reichelt is a very highly regarded head trainer by the players on the Leos and always has been. Football is a sport with constant injuries, some nagging and painful, some very serious. Bill Reichelt has always been ahead of the curve in the prevention and treatment of injuries. The confidence of the players in his assessment and treatment of injuries plays an important role in the Leos success. Whether its getting Casey Printers to work in a swimming pool to improve his rotator cuff injury or creating a program to get Dave Dickenson back to where he is Reichelt's often innovative and successful methods have resulted in Lions players making speedier and better recoveries. Sometimes, when players want to play, it's not easy to hold them back a little longer for the longer term but Reichelt always has the players best interest as his priority. At other times Reichelt makes it possible for players to play with nagging injuries that won't result in further damage through a variety of strategies and techniques.

The Leos have had few injuries this season. Sometimes, in the very physical game of football, you don't have any control over them. However, a smart staff does everything to minimze them. Reichelt's approach, combined with Wally's belief in conditioning, the employment of Bob Park as strength and conditioning coach, and the addition of Rempel are paying big dividents for the Leos. The Leos are also using off days to work out and focus on improving their fitness in the areas that need improvement.

We're lucky to have Bill Reichelt...he and his staff also deserve credit for the Leos undefeated season so far!

I have heard that from former players that Bill Reichelt is the best they have experienced in sport in any league or place. He is as Bitz suggests a huge part of the success of the team as he has to balance the need of the team for a guy to be playing with doing things right and not have injuries get worse. It can be a challenge when you know the coaches want that guy in the line up and soon.

Alec McKechnie who used to treat my team members is terrific also whe he had his private practice. He is now with LA Lakers full time and had done earlier stints with them during play off runs and off season treating Shaq, etc. What I liked about Alec is that if he gave a time to be out it was always spot on. If you did the work, you'd come back stronger and not re-injured. I had a guy go to him with a really bad ankle sprain. Alec said, 8 weeks and the guy said that I wouldn't like that so Alec said for me to call him. When the player gave me the report and asked if I was going to call Alec, I just laughed and said - no way, I'm not nuts. I'd often get annoyed at guys who wouldn't go to him as they often got way too much treatment elsewhere and get hurt again - same injury! With Alec and the player doing the work, the rehab was always fine.

Did you Know Reichelt helpped out the Canucks a few season ago when they're trainer was ill? Versatile guy!