Thank God that the CFL still permits group touchdown celebrations unlike the NFL (sometimes dubbed the No Fun League for its strict TD celebration rules). It's so fun to watch guys like Jermaine Copeland turn the endzone into a nightclub. Let's hope it stays that way.

The best celebration I've ever seen was back in 2000 when former Eskimo Kez McCorvey caught a TD pass. He put his arms in the air while his teammates frisked him like he was a dangerous criminal with a concealed weapon. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very childish and unsportsman like.
Actually it is the one thing I like about the NFL

I liked the one last week in the Argo-Bomber game, where Talbot pretended to beat up his teamates. It was like a video game type thing.

Lighten up a bit there ro1313. I dont see how the touchdown dances are childesh. It's One thing that i hope stays in the CFL. I mean it gives a bit more of a fun entertainment to the game instead of everythign being all serious. Even though it is more for the kids im sure. I still dont think that its childesh. Its jsut the players trying to have a little bit more fun (althoguh im sure there having fun anyways) but they liek to have fun in a non serious matter to. And even if you will always consider it childesh. Theres a child in all of us.

I look at it this way.
I dont remember which TSN commentater said it but he said
"Don't act like like its the first time you've been there, act like you have been there before, and that you will be back"

Well I can agree witht hat statement to a point. Like yes they are proffesionals and they should act like it. But even being a proffesional they wil always have that little kid in them that they need to get out. Which I think is what the touchdown dances are all about. I enjoy them myself. Thats jsut a personal opinion. But everybody has one im sure. NOw I can say that if there dancing is being directed at other players or to antagonize them or something I dont agree with them then. But for the most part i enjoy them. And i think its to bad that the NFL doesnt let them happen as well.

I've got nothing against High 5's and group hugs but when players start to choreograph their dances or even hide magazines in the goal posts before a game its too much.

A celebration should be spontaneous not pre-arranged

OK I can agree with you here. No a celebration should not be arranged. That is taking it a little to far. Especially if there putting stuff in the goal posts for it. Unless its liek some milestone thing (then i can understand it) Like when Terrell Owens took a sharpie out of his sock and signed the ball for a fan and gave it to him. He had reached some milestone correct?? Im not sure which one. But there is a good reasoning behind everything.

I can only say one thing on this.

Don Narcisse!
gotta love it.

when some old eskimos used to jump up, do 360 in the air and high five...nothing cocky, just a lil fun

Last year, can't remember against which team, but Ben Cahoon got NAILED in the endzone. He scored the touchdown. Got up Walbled towards the 15yrd line and waited to hold the extra point.

That said it all!!!!

Oh, one of the defenders did not get up right away either.


Coach Paul Brown of the NFL said that.

I like emotional celebrations, ones where you've scored a very meaningful touchdown. Not contrived dances when the score isn't even close.

everyone says that, it's just not one guy....i've been taught that by many coaches

what about the game last year, bombers vs hamilton, stokes had got clotheslined and then went back out, got a touchdown and pulled out the newspaper! THAT was funny!

I know everyone says that but Paul Brown said it first way back in the day.

Spontaneous group hugs, high fives, backward somersaults all good in my books.. <> Spontaneous.
Choregraphed dances, and stokes magazine ploy last year is juvenile.
Tasteless displays like these should penalize the offending team with an automatic first down on there 1 yard line.
Show boating doesnt belong in professional sports.... I pay to see athletes perform, not choregraphed dancing from the Hood.

Right on Dentor. I hate choregraphed Hot Dogging. I wish the CFL would copy the NFL on their celebration policies.

im my opinion let em go nutz! but ya that choreographed stuff is terrible, gotta go.... celebrate be happy but keep it within reason, have to say my bombers were quite bad for the choreographed dance routines back when they were great with stegal bruce johnson simon etc.... fun to watch but not classy

Who cares? Let them do all the celebratin they want. Alot of them are from bad projects or hoods (Look at Robert Baker that special on TSN) and haven't had fun most of their lifes. Now that they're doin somethin fun, let them do the dances together. My favourite is where the player scores a touchdown, and his teamates line up all around him. He points the ball out like a gun and shoots them all down. That is pretty funny. I saw that once in a CFL game and I laughed for a good 3 minutes. I really hope Kwame Cavil brings that to Edmonton because I think The Eskimos need some of that cocky swagger. My opinion.