Best time is now to trade for a QB

Bombers need to part ways with Buck as they are paying him too much to ride the bench. Not sure what kind of QB coach he would make? The Bomber should make a deal for one of the young backups from either Calgary, Toronto or Saskatchewan as these teams risk losing their backup and getting NOTHING in return. When Ottawa gets to pick two QB's they will be looking at these teams. So only one will get off lucky. Not sure I would want to roll that dice if I am the GM of those teams especially if I can get a couple of draft picks from the Bombers who are set to finish last this year. They will probably want to wait until the trade deadline before making a trade in case their starters go down. The only one that could afford to do this now is Calgary as they already have a quality backup in Glenn.

The last thing the Bombers should do is trade away more draft picks as that's how they got into this mess to begin with. They desperately need to overcome their lack of talent (non-import especially) and, if anything, should try and accumulate as many picks as possible and start drafting the best players available. The Bauer and Tamen years of trading picks left the Bombers' cupboards very bare and Mack did an awful job at the draft table itself by choosing several players much sooner than need be, leaving better players for opposing teams. Once they're well stocked with Canadians, the future will become much brighter, until then it'll be a constant struggle to catch ones own tail.

Calgary won't have any interest in trading Mitchell now anyway. They'll want to see more of him before any decision on his futre with them is made. Can't see Toronto or Saskatchewan parting with Collaros or Willy either. Could get interesting between season's end and the expansion draft.

Anyone parting with a QB right now is going to ask a ransom. Why trade a QB right now? You can only lose one QB in the draft. If you trade one now and lose one in the expansion draft, you've lost 2 QBs. It makes no sense to trade a QB right now unless you're getting a steal in return.

For instance, if calgary trades Mitchell, then protects Tate in the draft, and Ottawa takes Glenn to be their vet backup, all they're left with is Tate. If they keep mitchell, they may lose Tate or Glenn, but then they still have a QB and a backup. So why would Hufnagel make that move?

Bombers are best served holding on to the picks and using them, at least the early picks, on guys who can potentially come into camp and compete sooner. For one, they have used up too many picks in the last couple of years on guys needing developmental time (Etienne, Pencer) and guys who won't be here anytime soon (Bilukidi, Mulamba) when they need guys who could help the team more immediately. It didn't help either that Kris Robertson had a season ending injury before camp. Also it sounds like they won't allow redshirt NCAA freshmen into the draft as early as next year so there will be no "futures" picks except for the few CIS guys who could get a NFL look. In some ways without these picks some teams will be less interested in stockpiling picks.

What Miller has to do is call Tillman every couple of days for 3 weeks and eventually Tillman will trade him Burris for Renaud,Goltz and a draft pick.

Wouldn't take long before smilin' Hank would be hurtin' Hank behind the motley crew we have up front supposedly protecting him......

I don't see Winnipeg winning more than 3 or four games this season. Whit expansion coming up it will be even more difficult to rebuild the oline.

The fact that we waste import spots on the o-line when they would be better utilized on defense (linebacker, corner, safety, take your pick) really annoys me. Everyone knows a team is only as strong as your big boys up front, and while our d-line is solid, the same can't be said for the o-line. Unless this glaring weakness is fixed, no QB/RB will be successful consistently. Hopefully, the new GM/HC understands this and will address this problem immediately upon arrival. Until then though........

I'm sure the Stamps would be willing to trade Tate. That would great! We could strip him for replacement parts every time Buck gets hurt and extend his career till at least the end of the season.

What Buck really needs is an Iron Man suit. That would make him indestructible.

There's a good chance Tate is the long lost younger brother of Pierce. Unfortunately, even using him for parts would do very little for Buck as even when he's healthy, he just isn't very good.

I agree, but the Bombers are in a bad spot on that front. Realistically Winnipeg needs a veteran QB, however the only vet QB I can see being traded right now is Kevin Glenn, who without a doubt is a trade that would anger some fans. So that leaves Winnipeg to pick from 2nd/3rd string prospects. The Ti-Cats seem very interested in LeFevour given how much playing time he's getting, Zach Collaros is near the end of his contract, Bo Levi Mitchell is possible but Calgary knows they are in the QB crosshairs with the upcoming dispersal draft and will want to keep in and Drew Wily, well he's probably the best bet, unless you want to pick someone up from Edmonton, who hasn't impressed.

The other problem is that no team in the east will want to trade their QB until the end of the season and let Winnipeg potentially right their ship this season and no team in the west will want to trade a QB to let Winnipeg right the ship next season when they return to the west. Playing three to four games against a Winnipeg team without a solid QB is in everyone's best interests right now. Less so if Winnipeg was staying in the East, then Wily becomes a bit more likely as two games isn't the end of the world.

Either way, it's a needed thing to do, but you're likely going to have to trade away some of that solid D.Line and some draft picks.

Sorry, the Bomber fan are still filling the stands and aren't hosting the Grey Cup. The league isn't going to orchestrate another epic fail QB trade.

What if we throw in a cheerleader? Tillman might be interested in trading Burris. Good help is hard to find.

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number one is that they need to part ways with Buck Pierce ASAP. He was the center piece of the old regime that failed miseably even with a Grey cup appearance. Whether they are considerate and move Buck to the 9 game and see if he wants to help with the QBS or decide just to release him.
Marcel being part of the UFL last season he most likely is familiar with Max Hall who was probably on the UFL radar last year.
If Marcel thinks that he is the guy then he will stay and re signing Brink may not be a bad idea, although some may think I am crazy for saying that.
If not Hall as the starter than a serious look at McPherson coming in ASAP if healthy now. Someone correct me if I am wrong but I think he was out with a hernia so if that is the case he could be ready and still be in football condition playing over half the AFL season.
Right now that is just my personal opinion of what Winnipegs best options could be at QB with the QBS that are available.

You're certainly right about getting rid of Pierce, but not only are they not releasing him, he's likely going to start for this team, yet again. Wouldn't touch McPherson with a ten foot pole and bringing back Brink is a waste of time as well, they both have had ample opportunity to show they can't play in this league. Let the guys we've had here all season play (only way they'll get better) and let the new regime decide who they want to bring in at season's end. The changes are far from over in Bomberland, that's for sure.

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