Best Ticats since the mid 70's

1 Ben Zambiasi LB
2 Earl Winfield WR
3 Speedy Banks WR
4 Rocky Dipietro SB
5 Joe Montford DE
6 Grover Covington DE
7 Less Browne CB
8 Mike Walker DT
9 Rob Hitchcock S
10 Simoni Lawrence LB
11 Tony Champion WR
12 Danny Mac QB
13 Darren Flutie SB
14 Keith Baker WR
15 Delvin Breaux CB
16Tom Clements QB
17 Dieter Brock QB
18 Mike Kerrigan QB
19 David Shaw. DB
20 Troy Davis RB
21 Johnny Shepherd RB
22 Paul Osbaldison K
23 Tim Cofield DE
24 Ted Laurent DT
25 Darrel Corbin LB
26 Dave Hack OT
27 Markeith Knowlton LB
28. jeremiah Masoli QB
29 Andy Fantuz SB
30 Luke Tasker SB
31 Miles Gorrel OT
32 Marwan Hage C
33 Tim Cheatwood DE
34 Henry Burris QB
35 Zac Collaros QB
36 Jessie Lumsden RB

What say you ? Any additions or subtractions ?

Subtract Burris & Collaros.

Darrel Corbin??? 44, 33, 64 tackles in his Ticat career
Dieter Brock and his 23 TDs and 29 INT???

this would be 2 EZ minus’s for me

Cofield was great but was only a Cat for 2 seasons. Hard to be a best in just 2 seasons IMO.

Shout out to best 1st game performance of any Cat ever Travis Claridge. Hard to believe he only played one full game as a Cat. Injured in his second start. And was this one game against Joe Montford and the Argos? I think but not positive. I know TC was player of the game.

And as much as i hate him Mike O’Sh!t had 2-100+ tackle seasons for us and would be on my list.
Archie Amerson was a very good receiver and had a good run with the team. Also 2 seasons as a RB.

No Morreale eh… Cool.

Black and Gold mentioned Travis Claridge - very sad story. During the off-season after his 1st short year with Hamilton, Travis was found dead in a Las Vegas hotel room - alcohol and oxycodone. He was only 27.

It was against Edmonton I do believe; and Claridge took him completely out of the game. Joe was a dominant defensive end, able to disrupt almost any play called by the opposing offence, but Claridge owned him that game. Only time Joe’s name was called by the announcers was when he went offside.

Most dominant performance by an offensive lineman I’ve ever seen (and I’m 66)!

Travis Claridge is truly missed.

Subtract - Jesse L.

In - McAdoo, Amerson, Ruoff, Stapler, R. Williams, J. Johnson.

Although tenured short - I appreciated the likes of Arland Bruce, Damon Allen, - helping our Cats.

Travis was named MOP of that game! When does an offensive lineman get that kind honour?

Great point Crash. I don’t see Morreale as a star.
blackandgold - Great points about Corbin maybe I meant Jason Lamar. Good point about Cofield that is why I didn’t pick Rod Skillman , DB,'s Chris Thompson, Howard Fields, Lance Shields , Harold Woods, Carter, Jerry Anderson, Leroy Paul, Mark Streeter, Felix Wright
Or Otis floyd and Jamal Johnson and Calvin Tiggle at LB

Maybe I should have include Waszczuck at Center and Motten, West and Shilling at LB
and Robald Williams RB should be added

I can’t add O’shea he crossed the ticats too many times. Archie Amerson is a consideratuon

Yeah Burris and Collaros may not have played enough in black and gold but Burris did lead us to two straight grey cups.

I agree with removing Lumsden. You could also consider Paul Bennett, Gerald Vaughn, Calvin Tiggle and Orlando Steinhauer (apologies in advance if I missed any of them on the list)

Hi Neilfml. .I agree with your ideas and they were all on the borderline but I did miss Ron Williams for sure

hi .RockBall I mistakenly missed Gerald Vaughn for sure and I think Steinauer makes the cut.
i love Tiggle and Bennett but both only played with the cats for 4 years in the tailend of their career.

Refresh my memory . When exactly did Hank ever lead us to two straight Cups ? . Considering that Gods gift to football was only here for two seasons and the team missed the play-offs the first season , explain how it’s possible that he quarterbacked us to two straight Cups ?

You can minus Johnny Shepherd off yer list . The guy had one good season for us (1983 his rookie season ). Played 3 more years here up to 1986 and only played another 14 games combined in those 3 seasons . He spent more time in the tub on IL then he ever did on the field . I’d personally swap him out and replace him with one Archie Amerson .

Other players that you overlooked include…Rufus Crawford , Howard Fields , Steve Stapler , Gerald Vaughan , Orlondo Steinauer , Leo Ezerins , Jason Riley , Dale Sanderson , Paul Bennett , Andrew Grigg
just to name 10 off the top of my head .

Travis Claridge was a verytalented, huge linemanwho just wanted to continue to play, after rehabbing from NFL injury.

He loved to say “you go for my quarterback and it’s like you want to slap my mother”.

He protected his QB well. May he RIP.

Agree with everything, but didn’t he tear his quad muscle playing for us (same injury that Peter Dyakowski had)?

Yes…I think you are right…he told me it wasn’t the same injury he had in Atlanta…I was sitting behind the bench in Ottawa when it happened…I met his family at his funeral. His uncle died of an “enlarged heart” somewhat similar to Travis condition. No doubt the drugs contributed…but he did not die of an overdose according to autopsy.

His brother at the time was with the New England Patriots, and had a training facility in Las Vegas that they were both using. It was just a sad situation all around.

Hi Bobo,

I would add Amerson, Vaughan and Steinauer. Riley and Ezerins and Grigg are no’s. Rufus and Stapler are definite maybes and I think we could consider Bennett on his last legs when we had him. Ron Williams is another one I missed.

Yeah but Hank said that he turned the franchise around. ;D

So you’d say no to Riley,Ezerins and Grigg ?

Really ?? You can’t be serious…but then again all things being considered . So let’s take a quick look at the accomplishments of these three former Cats shall we .

Jason Riley: 10 yrs with team (84-93) CFL East All-Star (86,88,89,92) CFL All-Star (89) . Team nominee for OL award (89,92). Played and started in 4 Grey Cup games (84,85,86,89) winning Cup team member in “86” . Won Charlotte Simmons Award in “86” . Inducted onto the Ti-Cats Walk of fame in “95” .

Leo Ezerins : 5 yrs with team (83-87) All time int leader with 25 for Cdn LB’s and 5th all time in league history for all LB’s . CFL Eastern All-Star “86” . Starting LB for the “86” Grey Cup Champion team . Also started in the “84” and “85” Grey Cup games . Nominated to the All-time Hamilton Tiger-Cat team in 2012 .

Andrew Grigg: 8 yrs with team (95-02) 2 time East All-Star (98,01) . 6 consecutive seasons from 97 to 02 playing every game for team (108 gms in a row ) . 5 seasons in a row with 850+ yds in receiving (98-02). 98 - 889 yds / 99- 883 yds / 00- 878 yds / 01- 1,150 yds / 02- 854 yds . Started in 2 Grey Cup games (98,99) Member of the 1999 Grey Cup champion team . Finished his 8 yr career with the team totalling 318 catches / 5,293 yds / 16.6 avg yds / 27 tds . Pretty decent numbers considering that he was a back-up in his first 3 seasons with the team seeing limited action before being promoted to a starting role in 1998 .