best ticat defences ever?

my vote would go to 1998 1999, sudsy,tiggle,montford and that great secondary.also the mid 80s defence of covington,mike walker,zambasi i think felix wright was on that team too great int guy. also a big tough steel wall of a front four d line back then.i know in hamilton we love our defences to be tough hope we get that back soon.

The Moska era, and early er-

1967, no question!

short stay in Hamilton, but he was the man

The '86 team and that Grey Cup game was the best defensive display I am personally aware of. That was reinforced at Tigertown a couple years ago when they had those TVs looping Ticat Grey Cups. That Edmonton team was a monster too. I've simply never seen a defence dominate like that, ever.

I guess you weren’t around for the Barrow, Mosca, Locklin, Suthern, Golston and Hendley etc. era. Probably one of the toughest defenses in CFL history IMO.

1967, no doubt in my mind at all.

They went the final 6 games that year allowing zero TDs. Won the Grey Cup 24-1. They were dominating and intimidating throughout. There were even times when we had the ball, weren't moving it, and Joe Zuger our QB/punter would quick kick on second down to give our defence good field position, safe in the expectation that we would soon get possession back in better position than before.

Stars included Barrow, Henley, Mosca, Stover, Krouse, Locklin, Page, and more. They were tough as nails, and really were the prototype for tough Hamilton defensive football.

I've never seen better, anywhere. Doubt I ever will again.

No touchdowns surrendered in the last SIX games

Oct 22 at WPG W 31-4
Oct 29 Montreal W 26-4
Nov 5 Toronto W 9-5

East Final #1 Ottawa W 11-3
East Final #2 Ottawa W 26-0
Grey Cup Sask. W 24-1


199 total points surrendered in 17 games (including playoffs) = 11.7 points allowed / game

Unprecedented. Never paralleled, even by the Eskimos dynasty teams of the late 70s and early 80s.


Oski Wee Wee,

In comparison:

1986 = 437 points allowed (regular season + playoffs) in 21 games = 20.8 points allowed per game

Great defence, but not in the same orbit as 1967's.

1998 = 397 points allowed (regular season + playoffs) in 20 games = 19.85 points against per game.

Same as 1986: great D I would take in a heartbeat, but 1967 was the gold standard not only for Hamilton, but quite possibly the greatest single season D EVER!

Oski Wee Wee,

I think the best defense in one game is the 86 grey cup. I remember something like them holding edmonton to -9 yards in the first quarter.

The 1967 Grey Cup D performance was even more awesome -- one point allowed facing Ron Lancaster, George Reed, and Hugh Campbell??

The 1986 game D was the best in my memory as a fan, no doubt.

Oski Wee Wee,

Mind you, 1965's D only surrendered 189 points in 17 games, 11.1 points allowed per game (regular season + playoffs) and a Grey Cup title.

Unreal! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

8) Without any question or doubt, 1967 Defence !!!

Thanks for the great info Oski-oui-oui.

Yes, that '67 defence was incredible. I remember watching the team that year, including the playoffs and Grey Cup. First they demolished the Russ Jackson/ Whit Tucker/ Ron Stewart Eastern Riders, a terrific, potent offence. Imagine, three points allowed to them over two games! Then they killed the Western Riders in the Grey Cup game. Only a single point allowed.

What was most amazing to me that year was that it seemed like Cat fans actually preferred to see our defence on the field, to see what we would do to crush the opposition this time. I know I did. And crush them we did, game after game.

By the way, I agree that the 1986 Grey Cup game was an incredible performance by a defence. Holding the Eskimos (who were favoured by something like 28 points) to zero points and negative yards on offence in the first half was utterly amazing. The Eskimos were stunned by it all. I remember Hugh Campbell saying afterwards that Hamilton showed them how to prepare for a Grey Cup game.

Coach Bruno and his charges were fabulous that day. And it was a great defence for sure. But I'm with you, 1967 was in a category of one. And I remember it well, and very fondly.

I couldn't agree more. Man, I hated those guys but they were good. Solid, veteran pros, every one of them with a few HOFers sprinkled in. What a group!!

An Argo-Cat fan

What a group is right! A real privilege to watch them in action.

My memory of the 1967 Grey Cup includes Joe Zuger playing with a broken nose. He was player of the game. Unfortunately (for him) it wasn't until 1968 that player of the game received a new car.

My memory of the eastern finals includes Bob Krouse covering Margene Adkins. Adkins was the RR most dangerous receiver at the time. (That's saying a lot about him as that team featured Whit Tucker and Ron Stewart). Anyway the coverage looked like an obvious mismatch as Krouse although very game could not match Adkins speed. Apparently Smokey Stover (MLB) gave him the best advice anyone could have...every time the ball was snapped he would knock him down at the line of scrimmage. I believe Adkins was a non factor accordingly.

My memory of the 1967 Grey Cup includes Joe Zuger playing with a broken nose. He was player of the game. Unfortunately (for him) it wasn't until 1968 that player of the game received a new car.
Yes, poor Joe received a colour TV for his prize that year !!! As you stated, the cars began in 1968 !!!!

Funny, some of us (read OLD)actually saw those guys play while to others on the site they are just legends “on the wall” It was indeed a privilege to have watched what I still think of us as the “Best Ti-Cat” team ever.

Little sidebar to the 1967 Grey Cup. I was somewhere in the North Sea when the game was played. This is before satelitte links etc. Updates kept coming into the radio room on the teletype and we kept the crew informed. CBC provide films of the game and they arrived on the “BONNIE” who in turned distributed them to all ships in company, us included. So we got to watch the game about two weeks later in the ships cafeteria. Everyone knew the score, didn’t matter, we had a Grey Cup Party anyway. The films were Black & White !

wish i could of saw that 67 defence play i know the names of the players but never had the privledge of seeing them play.too bad because the 60s where a decade of champions for the ticats.wish we had those guys today.