Best Ti-Cats photos of 2013

From the Ti-Cats Facebook page. The team has just posted the best photos of 2013 on their Facebook page. Some great shots!. (You can view these even if you don't use Facebook)

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Something struck me about this fantastic pic from Ian Goring:


... it reminded me of this famous one from the Rockefeller Center construction in the 30's:


We're a Lunch-Bucket gang if I ever saw one!!!

Funny, I thought the same thing before even scrolled down and saw the second picture. :smiley:

I think part of it is that like the guy on the right in the older photo, Fantuz at right seems to be the only one looking at the camera.

And for fun, here’s a little more about the famous 30 Rockefeller photo:

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LOL!!! I posted that same pic a couple of months ago in the construction thread,it is indeed as Honey Boo says,"a fantastic pic"comparison to our Cats. Just wondering if anybody else also noticed that the fella in the far right appears to be holding a mickey bottle??? :lol: Now that's what I call liquid courage and puts a whole new spin on the term liquid lunch!!!! :slight_smile: :lol: :cowboy: