Best thing for the CFL to have the Bombers and Riders in GC?

Ok, I know not having the Argos in the GC will mean not as much buzz for the CFL in the big smoke when they are hosting the game and probably some no show empty seats. But my take on this is that with the Bombers coming through on this, it might create more momentum to get a new stadium deal there which would be great for the league. And the Riders also adds a lot of enthusiasm with their fans and maybe some major stadium upgrades. Win-win here for the CFL even though the Toronto market takes a bit of a hit short term maybe. And the Bills are going to play a game or two there every year anyways, regardless.

The Argos are going to be playing at the RC or an upgraded BMO anyways and the Lions have a good stadium in BC Place or a new venture with the soccer folks out there.

Couldnt have planned it better. Toronto is about
to find out what the rest of Canada already knew.

Grey cup week is one big party.

Toronto better board up the windows.

I will have to agree with you on this earl.
Not only is it a good thing for the Grey Cup and the CFL, but it is also a historic landmark as the Bombers have never played the Riders in a grey cup game as far as I know.
I think that there is going to be alot of celebrating not only in Toronto, but in the prairies as well.
Expect alot of blue and green in the stands this Grey Cup.

I think the Blue Bombers playing in the Eastern division and representing the East in the Grey Cup is the worst thing that can happen to the CFL. There should never be 2 western teams playing in the Grey Cup unless there is only one division of 8 teams. It's a good thing that Sask. made it in instead of BC because there would be even less people interested in the GC from the east. I really hate the fact that Winnipeg is in the east.

ORR, I will say though that in some respects, a lot of people see this east/west thing a thing of bye gone years. Maybe there shouldn't be any divisions at all in the CFL some say.

[quote="Ottawa_Rough_Riders" I really hate the fact that Winnipeg is in the east.
...that's the middle-east....and there's gonna be a prairie fire lit at the centre of the universe this week....count-on-it.... :wink: :rockin: GoBombers

Middle-east, yikes, won't get into that one! :wink:

This could not be any better two of the best CFL fan base going toe to toe, the place will be nuts i have no doubt about it, but i can also say the crowd favourite will for sure be the Riders, this is going to be good!

toronto will be in provinical disater mode. they will have no clue what to do with the invasion of blue and green.

Go Blue Go

I don't know if it is the best thing, but it is certainly a good thing. Small leagues need to have a rotation of winners to survive. Otherwise, clubs fold (Sask aside!!). Ottawa did so. The Tiger Cats need to make a move at least into the playoffs soon or I fear they won't have the gumption to stick it out much longer.

Having 2 western teams in the Grey Cup is not a good thing. Eventually, The CFL will only have 5 teams from the West. And you guys will be in your glory. Every year will be west vs. west because the next time an eastern team folds it will have a domino effect until all eastern teams are gone.Hamilton will be the next to fold, then Toronto and last, Montreal.

oh shut up! buddy..

you can't honestly expect teams to give up just cause they don't win the Grey cup one year.. they're more dedicated to their teams than that Jackbutt..

you really are not a true CFL fan if you say such crap as like that!

O_R_R, how is that the fault of the west that east teams struggle, exactly? Maybe I am missing your point. If Ottawa didn’t fold, Winnipeg would still be in the west. It is not Winnipeg moving to the east that caused Ottawa to fold - it is the inverse: it is Ottawa folding that caused the league to move Winnipeg to the east. I’m having trouble following your logic.

Hey, butt-head it's you that has your head up your ass.

Thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

You're missing my point, I'm not "blaming" the western teams for Ottawa folding. what I am saying is that it is much better for the CFL,if there is a team from the east and a team from the west. 2 Western teams in the Grey Cup looks bush league. Why have 2 divisions. Have 1 division instead of Winnipeg in the east. At some point you could have a western team cross-over and meet Winnipeg in the eastern finals and have two more western teams in the western finals at the same time. It doesn't make any sense you may as well have all 8 teams in only one division.

Geographically Winnipeg is in Eastern Canada but of course you all knew that right? Since this isn't really about geography maybe it would make more sense to move BC over to the "Eastern" division and then the west would become the Prairie division.

I can see the Labour Day Rivalry brought to Toronto.


I think the Centre of the Universe needs to see the real football fans! :wink:

Winnipeg really does belong in the west. there was always great rivalries between Winnipeg, Edmonton and BC. That does not seem to be the case anymore. The East really does need another team.

Winnipeg can be in either or. They are the center of Canada. Since Ottawa had to go and fold (stupid Ottawa =p) its only common sense to move Winnipeg to the east division to even out the divisions.

The Rivalries still exist, look at the Bomber-Rider no shortage there thats for sure.

O_R_R, your a fool, plain and simple.