Best Thing About Watching This Team

The best thing about watching the Ticats this year is that if they lose... it's because they lost. It's not because our Noodle Armed QB couldn't hit an open man if his life depended on it.

Do you remember how frustrating it was to see a reciever WIDE OPEN down field and still see Jason Maas throw a little 3 yard pass into quatruple coverage?

So tomorrow when our beloved 'Cats take on the Roughriders... if we lose we lose. At least it won't be because our QB throws the ball like it's a cinder block.

I agree. We will lose some more games this year, but I think the team is gelling and getting more confident. So we always have a good shot at winning, unlike other years. The Cats are going to win alot of games this year. They'll be .500 or better. If they can do that, that's all anyone can ask for.

After watching last night's games, I am even more optimistic that the Ticats have the ability to turn their fortunes around even quicker than expected. A number of other teams seem to be struggling giving the Ticats an opportunity to pickup some early wins which most of us would never have expected early in the season. As the season progresses, most of the teams that are struggling are probably going to have gotten their acts together, but by then the Cats will have been able to jell as a team and should be competitive with every team in the league. The results could be, and I know this might be a little optimistic, that we are right there with the best of them at the end of the season. And, just to tie it in with this thread, most of the other team's woes seem to be coming from poorly performing QBs. I agree, we don't seem to have that problem at all. Printers is looking more and more comfortable. I think he'll stretch out the Riders' defence Saturday with a couple long ones. The days of Maas are over, thank goodness...

all of a sudden-one solid win and here come the posts.
"best thing about watching this team" and people talking about 11 and 12 wins. how soon we forget what we were talking about 2 weeks is clear that when this team is down that 80 percent of you want to clean house and pick up this guy and pick up that guy.
now, nobody can be bothered by the notion that a quality WR like elijah thurmon might be available.
i guess charlie is a genius now,well he always was a good coach you guys were just looking for anything to throw him under the bus for.
and to say that the best thing about watching this =team is that you don't have to watch your noodle armed qb throw the ball anymore.the guy is gone,put it to rest.
instead of heaping the blame on the whole team for that debacle of a season last year,you pick out one thing-a guy who wasn't even responsible for all those piss-poor've got a long way to go ticat fans before you're even considered in the same breath
as the best fans in the league.
city legend

Give us a break citylegend. There is plenty to be optimistic about this team and Ticat fans can be forgiven if we choose to reach out for a little more than might be warranted at this time in the season. And as far as blaming one guy for our misfortunes, you may be right. But Maas played a huge role in our team’s demise over the past 4 years. you can blame whomever you like the whole team if you want. But on most football teams it starts with the quarterback. And we were forced to build our offence around a noodle-armed QB who refused to admit he was injured. Those days are gone and there is reason to celebrate. Join in if you want.

If we win tomorrow, we are legitimate playoff contenders and maybe even not that long shot off of going to the big game. That's what I think anyways.

I think you might be right. But I would not read too much into tomorrow's game if we win. We will be playing a crippled Rider offence. It will certainly be a stepping stone to becoming legitimate contenders and give us much needed confidence, but with their number two guy in the lineup I don't think it will be a good measuring stick of how good we could be. If we lose, however, it will show that we are nowhere near challenging the best teams. I'm not suggesting it will necessarily be an easy win for us but losing will say a lot more about our team than a win will. But I'm predicting a win.

Personally, I just like that there's a decent chance we could win. That's all I ever really ask for.

I know its just one game...but we showed a whole lot of promise...making a top-notch defence (although, more doubts about that today) look silly.

There's excitement around each drive. And the players have a bit of a swagger...they don't have shoulders rolled down and just dragging themselves around.

The last few years, merely getting a touchdown was a big question mark.

Now it seems that this team is competitive. I can walk into the stadium ready to cheer. Not simply wondering what the point spread will be.

The difference is huge.

The key will be how our offence can perform against one of the best defences in the league. If we can break loose it will put every team on warning that the Ticats are for real.

You obviously aren't familiar with most of my posts. I don't jump on the wagon as soon as we win a game and I still question Charlie's skills as a coach. When we got him I was excited but after last season and the first game this season I have doubts. I want him to prove me wrong though.


Why can't I post "the best thing about watching this team"?

Maas may not have been the only problem... but he was the MAIN problem. Easily. It's hard to get anything going when you have to compensate for a useless QB.

Maybe we would have had a better outcome had he been able to throw the ball. It would have been a whole new game. Maybe we'd win 5 games! :stuck_out_tongue:

This year... still not "contenders"... at least not yet. But like I was trying to say... if we lose it's because we simply weren't as good. NOT because we have one of the WORST starting QB's in the history of the CFL.

Rusty - we HAD the worst, ever. Remember Timm Rosenbach?

Strictly speaking, Maas wasn't even here for a full two years. 2006 and the first half of 2007 he's a valid target. You could even reasonably give him some of the blame for the remainder of 2007, and the fact the team is "rebooting" the offence this year.

But blaming him for "the past 4 years"? Only if you're counting the negative side effects for us when he passed for over 5000 yards as an Eskimo in 2004 and came off the bench to help them win the Western final in 2005.

Way to bring back painfull memories.