best teams rarely win championships

Myth is that the best teams always win championships. In CFL, best team of regular season normally wins grey cup roughly 50% of the time which is still higher than any other position. In NFL, best team won 7 super bowls in previous 20 years. Also similar in NBA. In NHL, top team won Stanley cup 5 of past 20 seasons. In MLB, best team won just 6 world series in 34 years!

This doesn't mean regular season is meaningless because no league can survive financially without revenue from regular games. However people believe that playoffs determine the best team when it is actually designed to provide a climax end to season and to generate extra revenue. Best team is best determined by months fighting all teams multiple times. Overhyped playoffs are a weaker test. Fortunately, some leagues such as English premiere soccer gives proper credit to top team.

I tend to agree that more recognition and acknowledgement should be given to the team with the best overall record in the regular season like they do in the various European soccer leagues. At least the NHL awards the Presidents Trophy and that team gets home ice advantage through the entire play-offs. In the NBA that team gets home court as long as they are alive.

But the best team in MLB, CFL and NFL potentially is the team without home field advantage in the championship games. Baseball the team from the league that won the All-star game gets home field and the Grey Cup and Super Bowl crowd might easily be dominated by fans of the team with the lower regular season record.

Maybe the CFL should hype the overall winner a little more with a Commissioners Trophy that earns each player on that team a nominal bonus - something like a $5000 per player award.

Or we can call the regular season championship, the Prime Ministers Trophy ...with a photo op with Harper! :lol:

best teams rarely win championships......absolutely true statement......just look at what teams won the Grey Cup the last two years.Toronto in 2012 and Saskatchewan in 2013,neither was the Best team,in fact they weren't even close to being considered the Best team. Toronto was basically a solid mediocre that season,finishing up at .500 in the regular season,and the Riders last season won the majority of their games in the 1rst half of the season,before sleepwalking through the 2nd half before getting hot in the playoffs when it mattered and waking up in time to go on a 3 game win streak to win it all.

Here’s how the numbers work out over the last 15 years in The CFL.

You really don’t want to be in 3rd place in the East once the playoffs begin. Over the last 15 years, or since 1999, the 3rd place team in The East has never won two consecutive road games to make it to the Championship game. In fact, they’ve only been able to win the Eastern Division Semi-Final 1/3rd of the time - or 5 out of the last 15 attempts.

The numbers are slightly better in The West with the 3rd place team winning the Semi-Final 6 times over that same period. And contrary to the East’s “One & Done? track-record, the 3rd place team out West has gone on to win both the Divisional Final AND subsequently claim the Grey Cup in two of those years! So, if you’re a betting man, when 3rd place goes on to win The West, wager LARGE that they bring home The Cup - They're 2 For 2!i

So, it’s obviously better to have home field advantage for the semi-finals. But exactly how much is it worth to be #1 in your division, thus receiving a bye as well as hosting the divisional final, versus being #2 and having to play the week before & being required to travel for the right to represent your division in the Grey Cup?

In The East, the 2nd place team has won the Division Final 40% of the time - or 6 in the last 15 attempts. In 3 of those years, they’ve also gone on to win the Grey Cup. The numbers are exactly the same in The West. 6 times has the visiting #2 seed beat the #1 host and 3 of those times has the 2nd place team in The West gone on to win & hoist The Grey Cup.

So, clinching 1st Place & Top Spot in your division is worth something, especially in The East. First place in The East wins their Divisional Final 60% of the time or 9 in the last 15.

Yet it doesn't appear to result in any more Grey Cup victories. The #1 seed in the East has gone on to win The Grey Cup 3 times in the last 15, which happens to be the same as the #2 Team in The East.

In the West, the #1 seed in The West has won their divisional final 7 of the last 15 times and gone on to win the Grey Cup 4 times.

So while it’s clear that having some form of home field advantage in the playoffs does have a certain value in getting to the Grey Cup, It’s not entirely clear that being #1 is necessary in clinching the league’s Championship Trophy. It’s only resulted in 1 additional victory over the last 15 years in The Path To The Grey Cup.

I disagree that the best teams rarely win championships.

The best team on the day ALWAYS wins!

One can make all of the excuses they want, myself included but at the end of the day, the best team always wins.

I agree. How else do you explain the Ticats ever winning the Cup? :lol: :lol:

Good topic.

For my 2000th post:

I've had this discussion with sports friends and its a matter of subjective appreciation.

Do you put more stock in a team that rises to the occasion when all the chips are on the table as is the case in a playoff or knock-out competition? Or...

Do you put more stock in consistent mastery of the game over a period of time against all the available competition at home and on the road?

North American sport puts the emphasis on the former only using league play as a basis for seeding in the playoffs. International sport, especially soccer puts the emphasis on the latter awarding the most coveted trophies to teams who perform best over a balanced schedule against all the other teams.

I'd personally (without changing the current playoffs or Grey Cup) like to see more credit given to the team with the best regular season record in the CFL by way of a new trophy or recognition. This recognition would have further credence if and when the CFL gets to a 10th team which would completely balance the schedule with every team playing every other team once home and away..

The biggest example of this is when the Patriots went 16-0 but lost to the Giants in the Superbowl. Nobody cares about their 16-0 record if you're not the last team stnading after playoffs. Even ask Canuck fans about their back to back presidents tropies, like a bad reminder how they couldn't win the cup with a "great" team.

I’m not sure. it’s not as simple as that really.

sometimes the team that dominated during the regular season has problems in the playoffs for whatever reason.

sometimes a team gets really hot at the right moment.

see Riders in 1989 and 2013.

in 1989 the Eskimos who were clearly the best team in the CFL that season, underestimated and got cocky with the Riders and were upset.

if the Esks had kept their heads in the right place… they could have won… but c’est la vie

and 2013, as we all saw. the Riders were just better prepared than Calgary in that Western Final, plus Durant was possessed it seemed.

It's been so long since we won the Grey Cup that I can't explain it :o ,1999 seems like a 100 years ago,hell we've only won the damn thing 3 times in the last 42 years :cry: If we don't win it soon we might turn into the Make-me-Laffs of the CFL. Oh well at least we aren't the Bombers who are currently on year 24 of their Cup drought. I know that in 1986 we certainly weren't the best team that year......but we were the BEST team on that day,and that's all that matters in a one game winner take all Championship such as the Grey Cup is. :smiley: :slight_smile:

Me neither. If that was the case, wouldn’t all baseball double-headers be sweeps? :wink:

It also doesn’t take into accounts things like officiating errors.

Bottom line is the reasons why an upset happens is just an excuse. The fact is that regardless of the excuse, at the end of the day the best team won, why they won is irrelevent.

There's a difference between a team being better on a single day and a team being better overall. A team that went 15-3 in the regular season is a better team overall than a team that went 9-9, even if the 9-9 team is the winner between the two on that particular day.

while your point has definite merit, the ultimate goal for each and every team is to win the league championship rather than the best seasonal record.

I'll take a 9-9 (or worse) GC winning team over an 18-0 playoff losing team any day of the week.

Great teams win a lot.

Champions win when it counts.

How were the Riders not even close to being the best team last season? Them and Calgary were 1 and 2 in power rankings all season. The Rider d was ranked number 1 in almost all categories and their o was at the top in most categories as well. The two best teams last year were Calgary and Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan won the game that mattered between them.

If the criteria for the best team is that they accumulate the most points in the regular season,then Calgary with a 14-4 record would've been deemed as the best team last season,and your Riders finished a full 3 games back of them in the standings,tied with two other teams(Argos,Lions)at 11-7. I stand by my statement that you won the majority of your games in the 1rst half of the season starting out at 8-1 before slowing down to a crawl of a 2nd half at 3-6. You lost the last two games of the regular season before going on your three game run to the Cup,eventually winning it all. Did I leave anything out ? are you that insecure that you can't appreciate the fact that you won it all last year,do you need a constant pat on the back,yes the Riders won the Cup last year,fair and square,you kicked our butts,congratulations to you and your team,but in reality the Grey Cup wasn't played between the two best teams last year,if you go by regular season points. It was played by the two teams who got hot in the playoffs and on Grey Cup day the Cats were no match for the Riders in front of 40,000+ screaming fanatical Rider fans and you deserved to win last years Cup,no doubt about it. Most Rider fans I've met in real life and as well as posting in these forums are pretty decent people and wonderful fans,but then they're is the few that are just a tad to sensitive when there is a little criticism or fun poked at them or the team,lighten up GreenWhite it's all in fun,don't take things so serious,try to be like your resident Rider crazy Turkeybend and take it all in stride. :smiley: :rockin:

You touched a nerve bobo.

1989 Eskimos go 16-2 (setting the modern-day record) during the regular season. However, nobody remembers that season for that accomplishment :wink: