Best Team/Worst Special Teams

Has there ever been a top team in the league that also had the worst special teams?
We're getting away with it right now, but you just know those missing points will be huge in a month or 2.
Would also help if we could start getting some bigger returns.

Where art thou Sir Justin Medlock


Ad Medlock to this team, and just give us the Cup now. :laughing:

Bye week gives us some time to dig up a kicker...orrrrr bring in Medlock just to show the guy's we currently have, how it's done....I'm more than frustrated watching the brutal efforts so far....As far as our return game goes , I believe Grant is fully recovered and will most likely suit up in our next tilt....He is by far the best returner on the roster and if we can straighten the kicking game out we will have improved an already solid club

Winnipeg's special teams are great ... other than making field goals.

2010 Saskatchewan had horrible ST ... AND the worst pass rush and still not only somehow hosted a playoff game but also lost the GC by 3 pts.

Yes, it finally got to me last night as I threw my hands up in the air at missed field goal attempt #3. Medlock's absence is looming large.

Just get Willie Jefferson to do the place kicking. He can do anything. I bet he could even snap and hold for himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

for a kicking good time, Just Call Justin Medlock
That's 1 800 Medlock (1 800 633-5625)

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Or for an ass kicking good time. Just call Rickey Medlock from Lynyrd Skynyrd. That's 1-800-SIMPLE MAN

Easy for Lewis Ward....Article on 3rd. down has it right...Failing a return of Medlock, the next best option is make a deal for the diminutive kicker in the capitol ...What say ye

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