Best Team of all Time!!

Not sure if there has ever been a thread on this before so I'll let her rip anyways.

Many possibilities for sure and I understand that many of us were not around in the 40s,50s,60s and even 70s. Just pick the team that you feel was the best of all time. I started following the CFL around the early seventies so I can't speak for earlier teams even though I've heard that Hamilton and Winnipeg had some outstanding teams in the late fifties and early sixies.

Some top ones in my opinion;

85 Lions
84 Bombers
01 Bombers
97 Argos
81 Eskimos
94 Lions
98 Stamps
to name a few.

There have also been some excellent teams who never made it to the Cup.
My #1 would be the 16 and 2, 1989 Edmonton Eskimos. This Tracy Hamm led team was loaded with talent from top to bottom but their old rival from Regina spoiled their 89 Parade in the West Division Final. Not many people saw that upset coming!!

How about the 48' Stamps?

97 Argos are it for me.

As Joey Walters would say "no doubt about it "the 1981 Saskatchewan Roughriders fielded the best team to never win a Grey Cup......If i think to long about what should have been with all that talent i'd probably shed a tear.........GO GREEN

The most underrated, but perhaps one of the greatest teams of all time...

The '67 Tiger Cats

They did not allow a touchdown in the last 9 games of the season, including the playoffs.

Look it up.

'78-'82 Eskimos, simply put..."THE DYNASTY"

The 2001 Calgary Stampeders.... :lol: :lol: :lol: sorry had to say it...

The only team to have an undefeated season. With Sugarfoot Anderson double 0 in the line up.

OUCH!!!!! That one hurt!!!! :cry:

Easy. 97 Argos. I can't remember the last time a Grey Cup was so one-sided. They dominated. Flutie was the QB of that team. One of the best of all time.

The 1976 Ottawa Rough Riders!

'58 - '62 bombers, the dynasty of blue and gold. bug '01 with a 14-4 was a dam good team and you can say calgary was better after the upset. the eskimos dynasty deserves respect for the 5 time repeat.

....the turn-around Peg team... Bud Grant Bomber squad that won the Cup, after finishing out of the play-offs the year before...early sixties...with Leo Lewis (and you thought Charlie could rip up the field) ...great coach...great team... :thup:

...this thread should have been called the Ultimate Homer Thread....

...I did not know that factoid about the '67 ticat team, that is pretty impressive...

Good thread Scotsman. A lot of good posts here.

Thanks Sporty.Red, I believe it's inevitable to have some bias on a thread like this but what the heck it's only for fun! I chose the 89 Esks and I'd follow that one closely with the 97 Argos. All"Nine" teams can lay claims to outstanding seasons. I agree on the 67 Cats, thats quite remarkable! I don't think anyone can dispute the Eskimo dynasty but I found that 1981 stood out more than the other years.

The '48 Stampeders indeed deserve consideration. A factor with that team as well is that almost the entire team remained in Calgary, raised their families here and were quality contributers to the fabric of the city.

I would not consider the '97 Argoes due to the fact they broke or at least bent every rule regarding salary management and prudent spending. They bankrupted themselves and very nearly destroyed the CFL. In my books greatness means the business side as well as the on-field endevours.

Playing "the devils advocate" though, since the CFL did not come into existance until 1958, then the 48 Stamps are the greatest pre-CFL team, IMHO.

I can't disagree with you here, the only game I would be concerned about is where they almost lost to a team that went 5-11 in the regular season.

I'll take the 06' Lions. Stacked from top to bottom.