Best team in the CFL?????

OK I had some time to kill so I added up some numbers.
The CFL keeps stats on 35 offensive categories and 25 defensive and ranks each team 1 to 9 in each based on each teams performance.

I took each category and gave 9 points for 1st place ,8 for 2nd down to 1 for 9th
Here are the standing for offence

Montreal 237
BC 230
Calgary 192
Edmonton 184
Sask 172
Win 159
Ottawa 155
Toronto 139
Hamilton 107

Defence is

Edmonton 194
Sask 189
BC 162
Ottawa 127
Montreal 105
Toronto 101
Calgary 96
Hamilton 81
Win 70

Here is the kicker. Adding these together would in theory give you the best team so we end up with

BC 392
Edmonton 378
Sask 361
Montreal 342
Calgary 288
Ottawa 282
Toronto 240
Win 229
Hamilton 188

Ok on the count of 3 2 1 let the arguing begin.

From your stats ro1313, it looks like riders are better thasn your team and mine.LOL

That is one of the first things i noticed :shock:

You know better to go on stats.
Stats don't mean anything when it comes to the final game!!!!

I know but its still interesting to look at the numbers

Stats are for rider fan's and looser's, both have alot in common

you wanna see a stat...check out this

One think for certain is that it is kind of hard to argue against 1st and last.

Stats are the kind of thing people will use if if favors them and ignore if it doesn't

That's right ro1313, they are more interesting when your at the top of the stat pool, reading all of saskargo view's on the Riders has put me in the Rider bashing mood..

If Sask and Toronto traded places they would pretty darn close to accurate, I guess you have to factor in intangibles and margin for error....

what happened to special teams stats in there??

And chocking
Montreal Ottawa comes to mind as does Sask BC

This is fun to look at and talk about , but it is like the “power rankings.”

and to continue further as everyone here tends to do, don't provincial population, avg temp, seats per stadium, est salary, cutest cheerleaders need to get thrown in.

I never thought of special teams. If I get a chance.

Special teams are not so cut and dry it gives individual players as opposed to teams

funny, when i posted the weekly power ranking on here, ro1313 said he thinks thier meaningless and only rankings that are important are the official he makes this thread. :x

u said the official standings were the only ones u cared about.....yet u make this....i dont need to say more, cuz u know what u are

I never said they were worth anything.

As far as I know power ranking are based on opinion. This is based on numbers but still have no value

It is still fun to read and talk about.