Best team in CFL

Last week Climie figured the Stamps and Eskies were the most complete teams in the CFL. The Riders have the best record. These guys make 3-4 plays every game that help seal victories. Not too sure how you can call Calgary the most complete team when they are making 3-4 plays per game that ensure they blow it. Complete teams know how to win! Go Riders!!

Oh no, here we go again... :roll:

I liked it better when the Riders were the lovable losers of the CFL.

Sorry Catsfan were new to the whole grasious winner thing :smiley: Gives us a couple more years and we'll have it down

Look, there are some really good teams in the CFL. All I'm saying is they haven't all learned how to win the games they should be winning and that's why they aren't complete yet.

I would have to say the best two teams will be the ones appearing in the Grey Cup.

Exactly, because they won the big games!

Thanks for taking over that duty the last 8 yrs or so...

Climie may be viewing "complete team" as recent performance and overall strength of offense, defense plus special teams. Incomplete teams could have weaknesses but still win games. For example, Saskatchewan has a weak offense.

yet we still manage to win! right?

What really angers me is how nobody gives the Riders the respect they deserve. We won the Grey Cup, and currently are the best team in the league. In the sportsnet power rankings, they still had Edmonton over Saskatchewan. It's a joke, and the Riders will show it to them come November.

The power rankings are the "what have you done for me lately" rankings. Congratulations about last year's Grey Cup, but that was last season. What do you want, the Grey Cup champion gets automatic #1 in the power rankings all season long?

They were #1 for most of the 6-1 start and only fell out of top spot once they went 6-2. In the last 3 games, the Riders are 1-2 and the only victory came against a really bad football team. That's why they weren't number 1.

Yep...each week there's a "best" team...the one that gets the job done. Best is too hard to determine...there's best offense, best defense. Some individuals stand out.

We'll know the best when the cup's hoisted at the end of the season.

Sorry Brett but just because we played a bad team and won pretty easily doesn't mean we should be ranked lower than Edmonton. We are still first in the league last time I checked.

clearly bc has shown today that they are the best team in the league

Because they beat the Cats? 8)

Football is the one sport where best doesn't really matter. Its all about who gets hot at the right time. Seriously with one game eliminations you could be the best team in the world and still have one bad game and thats it.

Last game too though....with Buck at the helm, we're a dangerous team. The numbers he puts up and the fact that his receivers gather confidence when he's throwing the passes really does make us a contender. Honestly, I never worry to much because the Lions are the kind of team that usually can rise up to makes us stronger in the end. I think the little tiff at practice was a good thing fired everyone up. I'd rather have a team playing with passion and emotion than one that's given up. We never gave up and that says a lot.

I don't think it's "that" we beat the's more how we're playing lately. Other than the bizarre ending last game, we seem to be finding our stride (at the right time in the year).

Anyhow, here's to some good football tomorrow (I will be at the racetrack so won't be here). Have fun and be safe all.

Only if you look at it this way

u????????s?s :stuck_out_tongue:

okay ro, now that's funny. :slight_smile:

I would respectfully disagree with that statement. I would have been in agreement however, if you'd said "clearly Hamilton has shown today that they are the worst team in the league."

Its a wonder how those fans in Hamilton sit through all these blowouts and close losses every year. Those who still do have got to rank right up there with Rider fans as the fanatics of the league.