Best Tailgate

Of the eight regions, who has the best tailgate party traditions? What are the local delicacies that are fan favorites? What types of activities/events occur in the parking area? Tell me about your experiences that make going to the games memorable. I'd like to learn a bit about each region's character/personality make-up that makes each one unique and special.

Our tailgating is curtailed by the boys in blue and there is no real tradition in that department. I think the CFL is missing a great opportunity to attract new fans and make the games a true event like it is in the u.s. .
I have been to a few college games in the u.s. and there is no compairison. I went to seeu ndsu play, their surrounding population maybe 80 000. The tailgate was 2 km long, fans talking to the police with a case a beer in 1 hand and a open beer in the other.Guys had and old small plane , that they made a gigantic bbq out of. Thats when I realized ,Canadians have no idea,what kind of atmosphere we could create on game day. There were no arrests or disturbances during the tailgate and game.
In Canada they will give you a 300 dollar open liquor ticket and threaten to throw you in jail.

I agree, here in Regina there's a designated pre game party area and you can't take outside food or bevvies in, it's not what I would call a tailgate party at all.

The Labour day game in Regina is about as close as it gets to resembling a u.s. tailgate. You still can't bring your bbq or beer. If it's a 1 pm start , they don't start selling beer untill noon. You think they could get a permit once a year to sell before noon.
Just ask the people of Buffalo, who went to Toronto for the bills game last year,how lame the pre game festivities were ? The stadum sold the Beer outside the game and at their prices. If you brought your own beer, you would get a ticket.
Even if Canadians were allowed to tailgate freely, it would take us a while to get it !

Of the 4 prarie CFL parks, I'd have to say that the tailgating is probably best in Calgary. But more commonly, wherever the Riders are playing that week.

The Regina pre-game party is a little too controlled. The Calgary parking lot is a fair bit more relaxed, although some altercations with fans and police last year brought in a crackdown.

few years ago Argo's had a decent tailgate, That lot has is now currently a big hole in the ground.

We moved just across the street, got decent numbers 2 seasons ago - but last season numbers were really low. And we will be losing that lot sometime this year - or next year due to more condo developments

I can only speak for four parks (Over a six year period) but I would rate them:

(1) Calgary (The beer, the smell of BBQ sauce burning,the beer, the onions, the beer) But it was the people that impressed me the most. People I didn't know would offer me a Hot Dog as I walked by. Me, a total stranger! Did I mention the beer?
(2) Saskatchewan Very close second. That area they have set up has a good party atmosphere, (Not really a tailgate.....but)
(3) Edmonton, maybe I was in the wrong spot but only found a few cars doing it.
(4) BC, a few cars, they do have a street party with music playing near the Terry Fox plaza.

This is always pretty good fun. Just don't even try to get into the Dog House unless you're there way early. I always make sure I'm there for it to enjoy the atmosphere and such.
But being in downtown, space is at a major premium (I bet the land for a single parking spot is worth +$1k) so there's really no room for a lot of tailgaters.


Seriously though, in Hamilton, a few guys barbque, problem is the cops and a lot of people park on the streets around the stadium.

In Toronto, there is not one general parking lot where fans gather.

In Montreal, there is no parking lot for you to do anything.

CFL is not a tailgating league. It's a league where people like to get into the stadium early and watch the pregame warm ups.

In Toronto, there is a parking lot where we tailgate! In Hamilton, we have had the cops stop by for burgers!

But does that even compare to Buffalo?

Calgary's tailgating has got to be the best in this country and as about as close as it gets to what takes place south of the 49Th.

Probably not, but I am just saying Toronto and Hamilton are pretty good. (good enough for me = beer)