Best streaming channel for the labour day game?

I wish I was going to the game but I’m living in Arizona, a long way away from the Hammer. Are there any members that know of some legit streaming channels that won’t load my pc with malware? If I can’t be at THF, I want to at least get some enjoyment by watching the first ever game at THF! Thanks and much appreciated.

Oskee Wee Wee !!

If your Internet provider carries ESPN3, you can watch on that or there are number of "unofficial" channels. Just do a google search, can't list them here since they will be deleted and TSN tries to shut them down.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the suggestions!

[url=] ... video.html[/url]

I have used the above link to watch on my Nexus tablet. You need flash installed. On a PC, it seems to try to add software(sketchy!!) But on an android tablet, I had no issues. Watched many Raptor games while in the USA.

Thanks Lenny,

Is your tablet rooted? I also have a Nexus Tablet, 2nd gen and I can’t find a suitable flash player on the google play store?

You have to side load. Instructions are on the Internet. I think it was on a Nexus forum. I don't remember if I used Dolphin browser, Firefox or chrome once flash was installed. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.

[url=] ... st47958533[/url]

thanks for the link, good stuff.

You should find some channels here:

[url=] ... art=sports[/url]

If you subscribe to ESPN on TV - you can likely get the WATCHESPN App or stream on to your comp.