Best start - EVER

oops lol sorry

Would you top up my beverage, jim? :wink:

Who knew one letter would turn an annoying thread into a humorous one without intent.

My skimpy waitress clothes have been put away. Topping up beverages is Chief's domain, anyway.

He's got an extra bounce in his step today from the Eskimo's victory and is spilling far too much for my liking.

What do you expect from an Esks fan? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Arius and Austinpowers need to don the big sumo suits go to midfield during labour day and battle it out to decide who's won every arguement they've had.

Not only does the winner get that, they get a pink rider jersey, a cash of great western pislner, a single pom pom and the right to use caps in a post once without question.

Just an idea :smiley:

lets make that a case of GW pil...stupid fat fingers lol

JIM can be the ref.