Best stadium in the CFL?

What is the best stadium in the CFL?

Of course im biased, but for atmosphere , you cant beat Taylor Field. Even with crowds of 23-24 thousand the place still rocks.

Despite being from Toronto, I voted Commonwealth!

im voting molson stadium, because i've seen how cool it will look next season after the expansion.

How can Ivor Wynne not be near the top? You can literly touch the players your that close.

Another stupid poll! Of course most posters will vote for the home right!

Well I would assume that majory of fans have only been to games in their respective citys. The CFL games I have been to have been at Taylor Field. So I can't judge

IWS is really old, theres tons of concession problems there, most seats are benches....thats why its not top of the list.

where is Frank Clair?

I mean I know Ottawa is suspnded, but that's a pretty good stadium, and worth to be on this poll, and plus, it's one of the few stadiums in this league you can say FCS, and everyone knows what your talking about, like the MCG, or the SCG, etc.

ivor wynn, we r old school and it was built for football, not baseball or any type of winter games :slight_smile: its a football feild :slight_smile:


I've only been to 3 different stadiums.. in BC, Calgary, and Regina... Granted i've only been to calgary during the grey cup... and 1 of the 3 times i was in BC was for the grey cup, they didn't compare to the atmosphere at Taylor Field...

I dunno My home is Victoria BC, and I voted for Taylor Field.. Yes i am a fan, but i've been to a couple of fields so i believe im not totally biased

Overall Commonwealth has to take the nod. However in some aspects, other stadiums can be deemed better. For example, the amenities at Rogers' Centre and B.C. Place are far superior. It's hard to measure the amenities of the other stadiums because they don't have any.

Depends what you mean by amenities.

There is nothing provided at Skydome for football games that isn't provided at IWS.

The seats are about the same size, but the bench seating at IWS actually gives you a bit more elbow room.

During the last Argo game I attended at the Dome, I had to wait in line a long time to purchase a beer.

They had one guy doing all the work.

He took the order, and then he poured the beers, one at a time; very slow.

At IWS they always have 4 to 8 people serving the beers.

At Skydome, if you want to sit in the 500 section, you have to do a lot of walking up ramp after ramp to get there.

I Think What East Van Mark Was Refering To Is Things Such As Padded Seats, Bars, And Alternate Forms Of Entertainment Like The Pitching Machines. What I Found At Ivor Wynn Is While Yes You Can Get Beer A Lot Faster Then At The Dome It Takes A While To Get Food Because They Have Less Consetions. My Advice About Getting Beer At The Skydome Is To Go To The Peek Areas (100 Level, 50 Yard Line) Mid Way Through The Second Quater And Then Again Near The End Of The Third.

I have never had a problem getting food in a timely manner at IWS.

However, there have been a few occasions where they ran out of food but I believe that issue has been addressed.

The padded seats at the Dome are nice, but they are a little bit small.

Yes the bars in the 200 level at the dome are excellent.

My hope is that they build some sort of building in the west endzone of IWS that has a restaurant, luxury boxes and bars.

As for the pitching machines, etc., I guess they are nice for the kids, but I can take 'em or leave 'em.

Btw, I like skydome, but it needs to have at least 35 000 in attendance to really generate the atmosphere.

Don’t suppose everyone is like you and can’t see past their own biases. The stupid one here isn’t the one that started the poll.

As someone who has held season tickets in Taylor(Mosaic) Field, Commonwealth and McMahon Stadiums and who has attended Grey Cup Games in all but Hamilton and Winnipeg I can say that no one Stadium has it all.

Taylor, probably has the best Crowd but as a stadium it simply isn't that great.

3/4 of the year Commonwealth has it all but the last quarter is just too darn cold. If it was under a dome no other building would be close.

I like McMahon except for the fact that it is built like a horseshoe. I am a gregarius soul and like to do a circle of the stadium during half-time and visit friends. This can't be done in Calgary due to the horseshoe configuation.

Of the domed stadiums I have to go with B.C. because it is the only one primarily built with football in mind.

All stadiums have thier advantage. Calgary has the best views, the Rockies and all, Regina has a history, Edmonton has the grass(quit wetting it already!), BC place has the best fall stadium for pure football. You get the point. As for getting a beer fast, be prepared, get to the stadium early and nurse your beers till middle quarter when everyone is in thier seats. Its a great time at whatever stadium we go too.

How come Empire Stadium wasn't listed? I miss getting bombed by Pidgeon poop. Or rained on by those chilling October Monsoons! :wink:

As someone pointed out, each Stadium has their Pros and Cons. Having only been to three, its hard to compare. Lionbacker and Third and Ten should be the experts as they have travelled to many.

My two cents worth.

Loved the smell of food at McMahon in Calgary. Lots of people "Tailgating" in the parking lot. Seats are good and are close to the action. Drawback. No cover at all if it rains or (God forbid) snows!.

Commonwealth has cover, real grass, but like BC place, with that track, you are further away from the action. Not a bad seat in the place.

BC Place, Hot like a sauna in the Summer, but nice and comfy when it pours rain on the Wet Coast. Seats are okay, and view lines are good. Too bad they didn't think of a retractable roof like Toronto. On those Hot Summer nights it would be great to be "outside!"

The retractable roof was not an option in 1983 when B.C. Place opened. The dome is the sister model to Indy's stadium and Minnisotas stadium. Torontos center field seats are too far away from the field but it is a beautiful stadium, especially seen from the CN tower. Speaking of Empire, Winnipeg stadium reminds me of that, less the decks of course. You get alot of wind on the upper decks of Winnipeg stadium but the views from up there of downtown Winnipeg are the best. Oh, and the new scoreboard they put in in 1999 made a big improvement to Canad inn stadium. hmmmmmm