Best sounding names

Admittedly this topic is more fluff then substance, but here goes.

Some of my favourite 'sounding' names from past or present.
Tommy Joe Coffey and Singor Mobley, which always sounds to me as 'Senor Mobley'. They just have that great football ring to their names.

Always liked Wonderful Monds. Others that had a "ring" to me are/were: Eagle Day, Tony Padjikowski, Joe Paopao, Charlie Chugboat Fulton and from the NFL Bronco Nagurski.

Eric "the flea" Allen.

Dick Butkus! Yikes!

ken-yon RAMBO

OK, what was his name - I may be spelling this wrong but last year (2004) there was a Ledufious McCallum wasn't there? Who would name their kid Ladoofius - someone very cruel, that who ......

I'll give you an E for effort BigDog. I'm assuming you mean ex Rider Ladouphious Mcalla. My vote goes to NFL return specialist Pacman Jones.

Is he related to Star Jones - who looks like she played football without a helmet!!

Ricky Foggie. I still, to this day, say sometimes to myself when it is foggy outside its "Ricky Foggie" out. Weird.

Lol This might sound a bit Bias but i like:

Kitwana Jones
Matt Dominguez

Is there another Geroy anywhere in the world?

Kojo Aidoo.

How about Julius Caesar (JC)Watts and Prince McJunkins III. I also like Wonderful Monds.

D. Sanchez.

Alouettes President Skip Prince Jr.

I always liked Jitter Fields, who was a kick returner for the Riders in the 80's. Thats just the kind of name a kick returner should have.

Dieter Brock.

Isn't that Ralph Brock. Still trying to find out if Brock Ralph was named after Dieter, in a backwards kind of way.

Could you imagine the confuson if they played together?

"Brock to Ralph!" or "Ralph from Brock"



I always liked Ben Cahoon. Especially when at the stadium and people start chanting his name after a big catch. CAHOOOON! My sister-in-law even once turned to me and asked "Why are they booing him?" :lol: