Best Solution: Let the Gades play on the road in 06.

What do you think?

no. as a fan, I would hate that, would rather have then suspend for 2006 and keep them home.

and that's a sure sign that the league wants to relocate them, like the Expos IMO.

The problem with suspending for a year are many

  1. All players will be gone, so Ottawa will be starting over, as a season ticket holder I wont tolerate that.
  2. No owner will want to start all over with a cynical fanbase
    3.Stadium deal is awful ( city charges the team an arm and a leg yet two drunk guys could clean the stadium better)
  3. It was the Board of Governors that allowed the original owners in and let them screw it up without doing anything about it, It was the BOG who let the Gliebermen back in and then this winter they let the team fester into oblivion therefore it is up to them to support it until an owner is found.

I say either play this season or fold it. If they play I will be in the stands, If they fold or suspend I will never forgive the CFL, will sell my grey cup ticket and do something else with my time.

Gimme a break. Yo'd prefer an expansion team all over again to still having the core players in 2007? Sheesh. :roll:

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