Best Single Season Turnaround

You have to be really impressed with the Lions turnaround this season, from starting at 0-5 the 1-6 then going 10-1 right to the Grey Cup. It got me thinking about other teams that have had a turnaround like that and the only one I can think of is the 1973 Ottawa Rough Riders under Jack Gotta, who started at 0-4 then went 9-1 the rest of the way and won the Grey Cup. Assuming the Lions win on Sunday (which I think they will) I think this is the better recovery because they had to do it over four more games than the 73 Riders. It would be interesting if we could search our collective memory banks and see if there were any teams in any league in any sport that had a comparable recovery after a disastrous start to a season. It could be a good lesson to all those who think you should blow up the team after a slow start.

1982 Edmonton Eskimos: started 3-5, finished 11-5 and won Grey Cup. Ten wins in a row to end the season and playoffs.