Best single season CFL team(s)?

I’m interested to get some gauge and reaction here on this topic

Baltimore, 1995, Toronto 1996 and 1997. Don Matthews.

As much as i’d Hate to admit it as an Als fan growing up in the seventies, I’d say the ‘78 eskimos. Moon, Kepley, Ilesic, Scott, Kelly, Highbaugh …five cups in a row. Never happen again.

…the 1948 stamps are the only team to have gone undefeated in a season…

…that is true


Toronto Argonauts, Grey Cup Champs 2019-2024. Book it! 8)

We talking just regular season? Then I’ll go with the '89 Eskimos, but if we include playoffs there’s that unpleasant result in the west final knocking 'em down a few notches.

For overall I like the '97 Argos. 15-3, best offence and defence by a huge margin, had to beat the second best team in the league in the east semi then rolled through the Grey Cup as expected against a weaker opponent. They were truly dominant that season, moreso than the previous year.

1981 Eskimos are a close second. That 14-1-1 record is hard to ignore, offence and defence led the league, but that stumble in the 1st half of the Grey Cup drops them into 2nd for me.

The 1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats were lights out on defence, won the Grey Cup 24-1, after having gone something like seven games without allowing a major.

Not *** likely *** to happen … but who knows.

yeah but how do they stack up in any one of those seasons.

my choice is the powerhouse 97 Argos.

1972 Hamilton Tiger Cats

Interesting trivia about that 72 team , they were a hair away from pulling off a perfect 14-0 season .
After opening the season with a victory over Saskatchewan they proceeded to lose their only 3 games of the season by a combined score of only 7 pts . They lost the first game by 2 to the Lions (19-17) . The game after that saw them on the wrong end of a 30-27 score against Edmonton . Their 3rd lose in a row was a 2 pt deficit (25-23) against the Alouettes to drop them to 1-3 on the season . They then reeled off 10 wins in a row and never lost again for the entire season finishing off with an 11-3 record on the year . The team of course finished up their dream season by defeating Saskatchewan on their home turf of Ivor Wynne to capture the Cup .

Another thing about that 72 squad was the fact that that gave them their 4th Grey Cup victory in a ten year span dating back to the 63 season . It’s rather hard to believe that the team would only win 2 more Cups in the next 46 years . :’(

81 Eskimos. Best team of the greatest dynasty. The end.

of what?

I once played the '81 Esks against the CFL All Stars in this game against a guy who understood the game way better than I did and got my heinie drop-kicked. Loved that team though.