Best sideline reporter - East and West?

I've spoken to many CFL fans, east and west, and it's unanimous, in the West it's Sara Orlesky and in the East it's Matthew "Shooter" Scianitti.

Any comments?

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Farhan Lalji. The guy is a football man. Head coach at a top-tier high school (New West Hyaks) for years. Knows the right questions to ask. Very smooth on the mic.


Since I’m intoxicated by her beauty, I’m very biased towards Sara :crazy_face:. But she is very good in any case on the sideline. Professional, understated, asks good questions.

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I generally don't care for Farhan as an insider but his sideline work is good. There's not much to choose between all the sideline folks, they're all quite solid. Even the new face Claire Hannah is pretty good. John 'bowtie' Liu is very good. If I'm forced to pick one I guess Orlesky. I think she's been doing it the longest too.

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Sciantti is good. Sara is Good.
Farhan is good.

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Yea, not to objectify on the basis of looks, but she seems to be getting even more attractive as she gets older. Nice delivery, knowledgeable, and a good interviewer. All of them really are quite good.

The CFL should open their wallet and get Cecily Strong as a sideline reporter:

…why? In what world does this idea make any sense?

Sciantti is great

She's a cutie like Sara and has transferable skills (theatre education) to do sideline reporting.

…I honestly don’t know if you’re serious or not…hoping it’s the not…