Best seats in the CFL?

Okay, I'm not talking about sightlines or anything like that...but plain and simple, which team has the most comfortable seats? At Ivor Wynne, it's sort of like sitting on a picnic table.

Skydome's the only other one I've been to.

Definitely NOT Canad Inns in Winnipeg...

Bring back the Jets!

If you dig hemorrhoids, the south upper on a cold night at FCS is for you!

I've only been to commonwealth and mcmahon. If you want about 50,000 seats with backs(only about 10,000 bench seats), come to commonwealth!

Pretty hard to rate things until you've been to them all. Lionbacker...where are you, you've been to most stadiums!

I've only been to BC Place, McMahon and Commonwealth. I guess my bias is BC Place because of the backs on the chairs. They are roomy if you are a larger person.

Add those to the list for bad seats:

Mtl Olympic Stadium: These seats have been there for at least 30 years now...they would probably survive a nuke !

Mtl McGill: If you are not in the Super Gold or Super Platinum, better bring something to sit on !

...'fess up, who voted for Canad Inns?!?!....every BB fan on this forum wants the stadium blown to smithereens....

....haha, I totally homered on this one, my seats at McMahon are very comfy, but mostly because of the group of people around us...

...BC Place is pretty comfy, haven't been to Commonwealth yet but it looks like a great place to take in a game...

alright! I admit it. I voted Canad Inns!

I love that stadium .. and I think its a perfectly good stadium. While mega-million dollar stadiums are nice and all .. i don't feel its a necessity to enjoy a football game.

Aren't comfortable? You just aren't drunk enough!
Too cold? Have a beer!
over-crowded? Have a beer, spill it on someone else!
Not enough shade? Hot? Have a beer!
Can't see the field? Have a beer!
Another losing season? Have a beer!

unless this stadium has new beer concessions .. i won't see the point.


Never been to BC Place but the seats at Commonwealth were great and the Rogers Centre although I've heard the 500 level seats there are a bit crammed.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hilarious........I've got to go watch Statik in one of his games!

Time to plan a road trip!