Best seats for a CFL game?

I realize all CFL stadiums are set up slightly different, but for the most part are the same. If you could pick an approximate area/section to sit in to watch a live CFL game, where would it be?

For example, upper bowl, lower rows, 55 yard line.

I personally love our seats at Investors Group Field. Lower bowl, row 10, behind the Bombers bench at the 52 yard line

My personal preference would be close to midfield either the very first or second row of a second level for a stadium with one of those or about 20-25 rows up on the first level. That extra height to me gives you a better view of the entire field and you can really see holes opening up for runners or receivers breaking open as plays develop that is tough to see in lower rows because of the low angle of that view. There is a reason the main game view TV cameras when possible are located around that height or level.

At BMO Field one of my friends has season tickets for TFC in the first row of the second level on the west side just a few seats from where the main game view TV cameras are and that view was great for soccer and I assume would be fantastic for the Argos if they move there.

WOW ! You just became my new best friend. My pick for a seat is right beside you, buddy. Next time I'm in Winnipeg, I'll look you up :lol:

At home in front of the big-screen HDTV.

Really, I do think those are the best seats to actually see the game.

if your a Bomber fan , what ever seat is closest to the booze !!!

First choice would be a seat in the new "Private Suites" in either Hamilton or Ottawa - the seats are covered and you can go inside the private suite to watch it on an HD screen if you want. Food available, fridge loaded with beer.
Second choice would be the big wide Club Seats in either Hamilton or Ottawa.

Hey MikeM - the only problem with corporate suites is it sometimes can be awkward to try to really be a fan and get into the game. I've been in boxes (corporate suites) for Jays games and Raptors games and they are neat for a change (and the free food and drink), but if you are really a fan of the game - they are usually full of people chatting half the time not really into the game.

row 20-30 between the 40s. the first 10 rows are generally too close, but you get more vendors walking around which is nice.

Private suites are fun if there are a bunch of you…we generally do that 2-3 CFL games a year, plus with some other sports…usually 1 NFL and a few NHL. Just make sure it is the right group going or it will suck

I think the opposite, on TV you don't actually get to see the game, you just get to see where the ball goes, and the sideline players, lots of sideline players.

I love my seats at Taylor Field, but they could always be improved on. I'm 42 yd line ~45 rows up on the home side. Great view of all of the field, and good view of my teams sideline where you can see some inner workings going on. I think If I had to choose I would go 55 yd line, about 30 rows up.


Tis a tradeoff...sure, you get better replays at home, but that is about it. You only see 1/3rd of the actual game on TV

At B.C Place, about half way up, between the 35 yard lines, on either side of the field have great sight lines.