Best Rider Reciever besides Dominguez??

I think that Richardson is the best if he wouldn't fumble as much and also Thurman but he does drop some easy ones

DONALD NARCISSE!!!!!!! OH! wait you mean among today's roster. Well thats a good one. Thurman is good but i think these guys are pretty close to even. I have seen games in which Thurman is the man but other games when its French, Richardson, Moore is real good too, but i believe he has been injury prone. Tough choice though.

If you had to get any receiver on the RIDERS from anywhere in the league. Who would you take? Call me stupid but Ben Cahoon would be high on that list of mine?

Cahoon Clermont just like elgard, and Bruce outa Toronto

I would take BAKER over BRUCE. The Yards after the catch that BAKER gets is unbelievable at times

I don’t want Baker’s attitude. Right now we are a somewhat attitude free team. Yes some are cokier then others, but the leaders control these guys. Baker is not someone who likes to be controlled.

Best reciever right now I would go with Thurmon. But generally I have not been hugely impressed with any of our recievers. Yes they CAN make some circus catches, but they have been dropping way too many.

I want Clermont, Tucker, and Copeland(although he has an attitude as well).

We do need another star receiver to go along with Dominguez. Anyone know if there are any big-name wide outs that will be free agents soon?

IF and when we get Domino back ...and they dump Bailey...we would have
one of the biggest Physical reciever sets in the League.. Thurman 6'3" 205 lbs... Richardson 6'3" 215 lbs...Dominguez 6'2' 220 lbs...and French is 6'2' 200lbs..Even if they keep Bailey ( which I have a feeling they will) he is 6'0" 205lbs

Travis Moore.

i would also say Travis Moore, IF HE EVER PLAYED!!!!!! What the heck is he doing sittting on the bench, Bailey or Ricahrdson are good enough to have a spot over a veteran like him who had 1000 receving season a few years ago.

He must be hurt.... I could see them putting Bailey in before him due to his speed, but since he can't catch the ball, it doesn't really matter how fast he runs if the ball is just going to bounce off of him anyways.

I'd probably grudginly vote for Thurmon, he's dropped just as many balls as the other dudes, but at least he's occasionally made a catch or two.

Out of the starting receivers, Thrumon is the best. He has been the most consisnt the last few games. Last year, my vote would have been French, but he has droppped to many this year.

I could be wrong, but I've been hearing Moore's been a healthy sitter in place of some younger, more agile players.

Too bad more agile doesn't translate into hands made of substances other than rock....

I heard that he was a helthy scratch too, why isn't he playing, we need his peadership!!!!!

Anyone know more about that rookie reciever they brought in to camp?? I don’t know his name, but he is supposed to be Fast and big. I remember them talking about him on the radio a few weeks back, saying that he is pushing the other recievers after 3 days in camp. but I haven’t heard squat since

If you're talking about Breedon (think that's his name), I haven't heard much either - other than he looks good in practice. I heard rumblings somewhere that he likely won't play this year.....who knows.....let me know if you hear anything, and I'll keep my ears open, too.....

Can anyone tell me when he’s back on active roster? Would love to see him get into the BC game since I’ll be there.

If we make the playoffs, we must demand to have Travis Moore and Matt Dominguez back in the lineup immediately.

right now I'm likeing Richardson, his yards after the catch are awesome. He is one receiver we need to keep around and develop for sure.

Thurmon, richardson, dominguez, and french i am fine with acutally. Bailey must be gone though.