best returner

we always see whose the best QB and best RB and best LB and stuff on this forum, i want to know, who was montreal's favourite special teams return artist.

for me, I will have to go with keith stokes, because whenever stokes touched the ball on a punt or kickoff, something bad for the other team was about to happen, and also i think he set a record for the als one game for most punt returns yards.


Can I vote twice?
Its a toss-up between Stokes and October.

I'll go with October.

Another point for Winston October.

I think statistically speaking, he has the best stats, and also he has a great name:P

Not to mention he is a hero also. He and other Eskimos went into a burning building to save people a few seasons ago.

October of course! It makes me a little sick that people still praise Keith Stokes; did you guys watch the 2003 Grey Cup? He dropped two punts, count them, 2! And gave Edmonton 10 points in the 2nd quarter.

He cost the Als a Grey Cup in 2003 with his 2 fumbles. He completely destroyed his team with those bad turnovers. Please, it is not as if he had a bad game, HE totally destroyed his team in the Grey Cup.

He was also cut in training camp this year.

I am hesitant to add this post because it reveals that I'm an old f#!t, but I've got to go with the ordinary superstar Johnny Rogers.

Actually, I was thinking about him as well but since he wasn't listed... :lol: