Best retiring?

Jamie Nye is speculating that a media event is scheduled to announce Best's retirement :frowning:

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Too bad but not shocking . I figured he was done and don't be surprised if LaBatte doesn't make it through the season either.

Yeah, it was pretty clear his return was unlikely a few months ago but became certain with the need for another surgery. Sadly a man who has not worn his heft as well as doubt one of the best in the game when in action and a shame to see him have to hang em up and go through what he is but it lets him focus on his post playing health and get in prime shape for when he walks into the Plazzo in a few years.

Ryan White is going to be a great starter for you guys. Media playing up that he's injury prone but that's a lie. Most of the time save one Popp was hiding him on the IR. He was the steal of free agency IMO.

What's up with D'michael from Ottawa not signed anywhwere, and more importantly in Sask. Is he not that good? Asking way to much? Just wondering if anyone has any insight on the situation. I'm not real familiar with him, but an experienced Canadian O-Lineman still out there????????

I have heard what his ask is and he is unlikely to get it.

I for one was fairly happy when they signed him...talked about it a bit in the FA thread. I was not aware that it was a paper cut injury instance...I know he did have a bad one in there somewhere but didn't realize there was stashing along the way....thanks for the heads up on that....the bit of him I have seen I thought he looked pretty good.

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the update DePop.

I hope we can still get him at a reasonable price.

I'm hoping now that the Argos have Trestman as HC that he doesn't snap him up...Trestman likes to have a solid Oline for his QB's.