Best rendition of O Canada ever

I love our own 10 year old singer but the national anthem sung just now was fantastic. Different, Up beat and you could see everyone was into it.

Well done Ottawa???

not gonna lie, was pretty worried how it started off.

But they turned it around nicely, had a nice marching beat to it too.



This rendition was good. But, it should never have been used in a Grey Cup game or any other official event.

Some High Schools play anthems every day and to be rid of the blah, slow anthem, spicing it up like tonight's may get the kids to pay attention.

Not a fan of taking creative licence with the anthem.

Realistically, after the weird pre-school-vibe start, it ended up being a fairly traditional rendition of the song.


My daughter and I watched it.

We thought it was a fabulous approach. Great energy and fun to watch.

Well done.

They should be regulars for every cup game from now on.

Funny, it didnt come off live all that great. The lead up to it finally starting was like a scene out of Slap Shot with people yelling start the damnn song already as they were pre coaching the crowd in the lead up and everyone getting their heads soaked from the wet snow and yelling at the guys to hurry up... Kind of funny.

It started a little weird but when the choir got involved, outstanding. I like the upbeat energy.

Well I didn't like it at all, none of it.
In fact I dislike everything about it, yes it was almost true to form after that stupid intro but almost does not cut it.

It's our national anthem please leave it alone and do it as it was intended.

I love cover tunes but this one is not reviewable just do it as intended. If we need to change our anthem it should not be up to 2 performers to decide.

Did I mention I hated it?

I have to agree. It sucked more than the Arblows.

What could be more patriotic than a stadium full of people singing our national anthem...and with spirit...and with joy....

Not like a funeral dirge...

P.S....The words and the melody were unchanged....

Considering that at most of the games I've attended over the years,a majorityof the crowd is not singing at all.

To even get some of them joining in was an accomplishment

I thought the intro thing a bit juvenile, but I guess it was meant to be fun, and to encourage the crowd to sing along. I have to admit that I don’t know the French lyrics, but don’t imagine that is much of a problem in Ottawa? Maybe they should show the English/French lyrics on the screens. I usually just plod along in English.

I thought our little Sienna was outstanding at the Vanier Cup as well.

I thought it was really well done. I think that having a little freedom with the anthem, so long as the words are intact, makes the whole thing "Canadian". I've always thought of the Canadian culture being informal, but still classy and respectable. That exactly what this rendition was. It was different, and enjoyable, and I'm sure there were a lot more people singing than normal, maybe even swaying a little. Perfect on a cold snowy night. Definitely not what I was expecting from the CFL.

Oh man, it was an awful start....once it got going it was fine but they were driving everyone bananas with the 'ohhhhhhhhhh......ohhhhhhhhhhh' lol

Certainly was a nice rendition during Grey Cup, but I still like this one for best of alltime: