Best Regular Season Argo Game...

What is the best REGULAR season game you have seen Toronto play in the last couple years...mine are last years 34-6 stomping that we gave the ti-cats in Ivor Wynn, or that 49-8 slaughter over Hamilton in the early season of 2003. But my ultimate favourite was the comeback on Calgary back in November of 2002 that got us in the playoffs. It was sweet. Noel fourty-some yard field goal as the clock read 0:00.

I liked the Calgary game last year when Jones beat you guys. The Stamps fans finally had something to cheer about with Jones and then that all fell to pieces after seeing him change teams faster than I change my t-shirt. Jeez I wonder how long he will stick in Hamilton?

I also liked last year when TO sent the second string out to play Montreal in the last game of the season that was meaningless and got criticized by Wally Buono for resting up the starters for the playoffs. He sure knew what he was talking about. :smiley:

Hmm other than that I can't really say I liked many TO games. We lost three in a row now to you guys. Greene going down last year, then Burris playing like a fumbling fool in the rematch on Taylor Field, and then we should have won this year with Greene back but we lost as usual even when the game was over the other way. Really looking forward to this year's Taylor Field game!

You find stomping a good game.
Personally I think that when the lead changes hands a few times or a last second win(which you did mention)

Then again my finger nails are usually better off in a stomping

There are just too many.

This year would be the ARGOS coming back against SASK..........scoring 2 TDS in the last 3 minutes for the win.