Best Record?

I've been trying to find what the Riders' best record "ever" is/was? Does anyone know what it is?

I know that since 1989, we've been usually 9-9 at best, although I think we had a 10-8, and maybe even an 11-7, season in there under Barrett/Shivers...

But what is the Riders' best record ever? Surely we're on pace to come close to it, if not equal it, this year.


We're not getting there this year. Also I was looking at some of my trading cards and I realized 1970 was the year Travis Moore was born. Just thought I might throw that out there.

I had the pleasure of having a long conversation with Ted Urness at the Plaza of Honour Friday, and he says, and I agree, the 1969 and 1970 Rider teams were by far the best teams the Riders ever had.
We had some bad luck with injuries and such both years.

Damn....14 -2??? Not too shabby!

Where did you find that? Is there an online source for it? I often find myself wondering about little facts like this, and never quite know where to get the info from.

He was like my favorite Rider for a while. He had a sweet Lincoln Navigator lol

I didn't have to look that one up....
...and I should make you work harder than this but,

[url=] ... _year=2007[/url]

The CFL website is actually not very good for trivia, but it does have a few...I suggest you go for a browse...

damn we looked good today ...ok so it was Hamilton...but still they got some play makers.. just need to Gel.

Someone made a post on Tillmans trade regarding Armstead a while back…I think with this game it is obvious who won the trade…Holmes shone once more & Armstead did not…

Thanks. I have browsed through their Records and Stats pages, but found them to be poorly organized and frustratingly incomplete. So, I was hoping that there was a better source.