best reciever on the ticats?

who do u think is the best receiver on the ticats?

Thats a hard call but I would say Curry.

no he has had one nice catch but not a key guy only has over a 100 yards on the year

You asked what others think.. I said what I think.. how can it be wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not all about stats. Curry shows a lot of clutch catching skills. Good stats will follow soon enough. Trust me.

i would say brock ralph he is playing good ball right now and getting tds

T. Gardner

he had one good game but he is consistant when the ball comes to him

chris bauman shows lots of promise but he is only played in 2 games so far so i am gunna say......

a tie between Nate Curry and Talman Gardner

ya but idk about nate curry only gets a few catches doesnt stand out to me

Curry's TD on Fri. night was a huge effort. All heart. One of the best receptions in the league this year so far.


Corey Holmes :wink:

I really like Bauman too.

JO JO WALKER!!!!! lol

He hasn't been on a whole lot but he's tied for 1st on the team in touchdowns.

Sorry my opinion is too bias he's my favourite player but I really think Bauman can be our best reciever in a week or two.

Ralph is our best receiver right now. If you look at any of the best receivers in the CFL it takes about a year before they break 1,000 yrds. Curry, Walker, McCants, Gardner all have that potential.

Oh and Bauman seems to have great separation skills already. Its not speed but he seems to know how to adjust to the ball at the right time.

bauman will be real soon he has developed a chemistry with maas and has it all; size skill and smarts.
as a unit the rest our improving so we'll see in the coming games who sticks out, should be interesting.

McCants…check back in 6 weeks

McCants...check back in 6 weeks!

Chris Bauman will be the best in the league very soon

I have to say that it's either Bauman or Ralph.

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