Best Reciever In the CFL

I want to know who everyone thinks is the best reciever in the league currently, and why.


Even though some of his antics have annoyed me in the past, I'd have to say Nik Lewis of Calgary is the best in the league right now.

He produces consistently. He makes clutch catches. He's tough. He's dangerous when he gets the ball. Plus he's only 27, so he has the potential to improve more before he loses his speed.

I think another guy to watch in the next year or so is Adarius Bowman. He's got good size, and speed to burn. Remains to be seen whether the flashes he showed with Saskatchewan will mature into anything special in Winnipeg.

If you are including slotbacks as well as wide receivers, I think Jamel Richardson from Montreal should be considered. Big, strong, good hands and fights like hell whenever he gets the ball. Also Ben Cahoon. We all know what HE can do!

Ken-Yon Rambo

8) What about Geroy Simon ???
  Still one of the top receivers in the CFL, if not the best  !!!

Ken-Yon Rambo is the Best WR in the CFL Hand Down
Geroy Simon is still better anyone we have.
Rambo is young and faster.
I Trade our Best OLineman for Rambo..

Ben Cahoon

Paris Jackson

Chris Bauman… :smiley:

Romby Bryant yac’s(yard after catch) is outstanding. Fast great hands.

End thread.

Jamel Richardson (MTL)

Ditto #2 :slight_smile:

Oski Wee Wee,

Simon for now.....Richardson if he can repeat last year...If you REALLY got to get that important first down...Cahoon.

It's a toss up between Fred Stamps, Fantooz, Nik Lewis and Richardson

Best young ones who have the potential to be the best, Bowman, Dresler, Rodriguez, Bryant

Geroy Simon, followed by Andy Fantuz.

Mr. Reliable, Ben Cahoon.

An Argo-Cat fan

Have to go with Ben Cahoon, he’s awesome down the middle when his number is called.

Speaking of great receivers does anyone know what happened to DJ Flick?

I know he broke his leg last year with the Riders and he's no longer on their roster.

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