Best Reciever in the CFL 2006.

I think Simon and Stegall are the best, with Simon an edge over Stegall just cause hes so fast and can make people miss with that speed.

Steggall so far (Obviously some bias), Simon a close second and Armstead 3rd.

I agree

Stegall first
simon second

Stegall has also played one less game then simon

Either way its going to be a great battle for 2nd in the CFL on Thursday. Ive got 50 yard like row 6 tickets. Going to be giving simon/pierce a tough time :slight_smile:

Simon, no doubt about it. Stegall may be one game back, but even before last night, Simon still had him beat on TD's, and was damn close on yards.

Stegall is a great receiver, but Simon is that little bit better.

SIMON , althought play of the year , so far , goes to STEGALL!

I voted for Simon... he's had a slow start, but he's pickin' it up. Honerary Mention to Stegall

simon and stegal are both amazing. i think stegal would take it though. sometimes you see three guys on him, and he still gets open and makes the catch. the only way to stop Milt is to injure him.

Lots of the 2006 season left but as of now i would say Stegall.

Lots of the 2006 season left but as of now i would say Stegall. My reasoning for that is i think Winnipeg would really struggle without Stegall where as BC could still probably manage without Simon.

I agree with that, once Claremont is back in the lineup, the Leos will remain strong even if Geroy is hurt. But OTOH, Geroy has been pretty much injury free during his time in BC, so I wouldn't worry too much about him being knocked out in 06