Best Receiver ?

Who is the best receiver in the CFL :

a) Currently (playing as of last fall) ?

b) All-time ?

Note that the question is not "who is the best receiver on your team?"

There are many obvious nominees, such as :

Cahoon - Montreal
Simon - BC
Tucker - EE
Stegal - Wpg

My picks

Current - If I were picking a team and I could pick any receiver, I think I would go with Cahoon - makes incredible catchs, hangs on while taking big hits - an all around great receiver - a "goto guy". Something else I like is that after making a catch, he doesn't need a big song and dance routine, he gets up and rushes back to the huddle.

All-time - Pitts - Calgary...many of his records still stand and speak on his behalf

Cahoon....amazing year after year!
close second is Tucker.

arland bruce III , and Copland gets a nod aswell.

Current AND All-Time: Kamau Peterson.

I believe every Bombers fan will agree with me on that one.

Seriously, Cahoon is a tremendous receiver and a quality human being, but if I need to Identify the very best one, I could hardly not give the nod to Jason Tucker. Cahoon hangs better to the ball when being hit while catching, but Tucker has a definite super-power: he lures defenders (even experienced ones) into thinking he'll do something very different than what he's supposed to do. So he doesn't even have to bother hanging to the ball while being hit, because most of the time, he's all alone when the ball gets there.

It fascinates me how nobody can adapt to his ability...

Swervin Mervin Fernendez

Best receiver - Jason Tucker

Receiver I would pick first - Clermont, great hands, runs like a bull, and fills a non-import role. Second would be Cahoon.

Best receiver of all-time- Milt Stegall

Best reciever all time... playing right now Milt Steagle..
Yes he's on the team I cheer for, it's the simple truth..
If I had to pick one, only because of his age, I would take Arland Bruce..
Cahoon comes in third..then tucker..

Today Tucker…Can’t argue with Thirds analysis.

All time flip a coin…Allen Pitts or Mervyn Fernandez.

Third you beat me on this one but did McGarity not catch a few more then Peterson!

Pitts all time and of course Nik Lewis!

there is one thing I can say about Peterson, and that is that that guy can tack a hit!!!

remember the last BB game of the 2004 season? I have it on tape still!

I gotta go with for now with Tucker I dont know how or why the NFL hasnt picked him up but he has amazing speed, geat moves and is a threat for the long and short game as well as being a tall target.

All time I gotta go with Stegall he puts up fabulous numbers year after year and is breaking records as he goes

SSSSSHHHHHHH!!!! mada, let's not give the NFL any ideas, these e-walls have ears you know.

Funnything Mada, receivers are plentiful in the States. Back in the 80's Mervyn Fernandez tore up the league and had great seasons with the Lions. When he went to the Oakland Raiders, he was just another receiver. He fit it and had a decent career, but was not the allstar in Oakland like he was in BC.