Best Receiver?

Neither!! Both are not clutch players. If we can’t find better than that we’re in deep trouble…come to think of it we are in deep trouble!!

8) You are exactly right !!! When Marcel said in the off season that we had to get bigger receivers, I guess he was referring to Armstead !!! He is 5'10, 160 lb. !!!!!!! His play this year resembles nothing close to his big years in Ottawa !!!!! That is why Regina made him expendable !!!

If your comparing Ralph and Armstead I would give a slight edge to Ralph. A good sign was after just missing the TD pass to Ralph. Printers and Ralph were on the sidelines talking about it and you could see Casey gesturing that he just missed. I think some people make too much about heading for the sidelines or going down early to avoid being hit. Why take unnecessary hits?? Trust me Jerry Rice didn't take any unnecessary hits and he turned out ok and I'm not comparing the two. Maybe if Jesse would have ducked out of bounds a couple times he'd still be in there. Woods is not the answer either. Being a 49er fan he was drafted in the first round. He's slow - i guess that makes him a possession receiver. The year he was drafted, San Francicso had very little talent at WR and he couldn't crack the line up as a #3. I'd like to Ralph, Armstead, Bauman, French and Gardner back next year. I don't really care for the rest of them. I don't think Geroy is available next year unless we're able to trade for him? Boerighter's a thought though.

If any of them even want to come back! Its no wonder Flick asked to be traded... Hamilton has some great fans, but the bad ones are terrible. I would ask to be traded if I had to put up with all the negativity