Best Receiver?

My dad and I disagreed while watching today's game. He thinks Brock Ralph is the team's best receiver, while I say Armstead is the team's best receiver.

Who do you think?

He was not on the Field today
Talmen Gardner when Healthy is our Best WR.


Armstead is a deep threat and is useless in traffic
Ralph is fast but doesn't like to get hit and heads to the sideline after every catch. n He also has the worst hands of any starting receiver in the league.

Off hand I would say that the cats don't have a receiver who could be counted in the top 20 in the league...HOWEVER

The passing game worked OK when Casey han time to throw. He threw a couple of picks on plays where he was on the run and should have eaten the ball. When he had time to set up he did all right... Maybe the answer would be to beef up the O LINE?

I used to think it was Curry but I really don't anymore. I would say French has really stepped up a few times this year.

its like asking who is the better singer, Rosanne or Edith Bunker.

Brock Ralph. Even though on any other team he would probably be a No. 3 Reciever.

No. A receiver catches the ball.

Armstead for now. French a close second.

Jesse Lumsden

Did you see Ralphie catch a ball over the middle and fall down before the Al defender got to him? Anyway, Printers passed for less than 50% today and a good part of that is attributable to the team's lack of competent receivers. It's impossible for me to talk about a "best" receiver on the Cats--it's more appropriate to talk about the least bad receiver. It's Armstead for me. But if none of these guys made the 2008 team, it wouldn't be a huge loss IMO.

An Argo-Cat fan

French has played pretty well lately although he had 0 catches this game (correct me if i’m wrong) i think if u take the receivers we have now and fast forward a year or 2, then bauman would be the best

i dont know which recievers are free agents at the end of the season but i think will need to upgarde the position and get a really good reciever

Mike Morreale but we retired him because all he could do was catch the ball in traffic and hang on to it. There is no receiver on this club at this time who is playing as well as Mike did last year. That's not to mention the loss in the dressing room.

Ralph and Bauman will only improve. Hopefully we keep them.

Don't forget, this was Ralphs first game back from a shoulder injury(only sat 1 game) and almost every throw his way was over his head. A couple of times he got hit when reaching and you could see he was hurting, but he still kept playing.

With all of the receivers kicking around this team right now i cant believe he would be in there if he was in ANY pain.

They are all subpar. First thing to do in the off season is to sign Geroy Simon. Also Watkins wants out in Montreal I could see a trade possiblity there. Armstead is ok if your gonna go to him 3 or 4 times a game, he's not a posession receiver. Brock Ralph is a fourth receiver kind of like Pat Woodcock, (speedy hears footsteps,below average hands)

Bauman will improve. Brock Ralph has been around five years, what you see is what you gonna get.

We don't have any good receivers ~ they all stink ~ but I bet they would be great if they played for another team.

Printers can't do it all himself, he needs someone to throw the ball to.


We don't have any good receivers ~ they all stink ~ but I bet they would be great if they played for another team.

Printers can't do it all himself, he needs someone to throw the ball to.


its not ralph he sucks. id say our best reciver is jo jo walker. i dont know why the guy dossnt get more playing time.

hes got the speed and has proven he can make a catch in trafic and take a huge hit.

Cats need that ONE receiver that the entire league can take notice of and fear…that receiver that will come up with the catch when you need it…like Cahoon, Bruce or Simon…that type…I honestly thought coming in that Armstead was that guy.

I'll go with all the WR's When they work together and gain major yards in a game.

And sometimes you really cant tell who is the best due to a nice catch for long yards but the o-line is offsides.

The worst receiving core BY FAR in the CFL.
Here is hoping that Armstead is #3 on the depth chart, and we can sign a Geroy Simon type this off season.
I would not be suprised if Rashaun Woods is that top 2 type receiver we need.
Lets get Rashaun in a game...quick!!!