Best receiver of the 2000's?

With Bruce III and Simon now playing on the same team, it got me thinking about the great receivers to play in the CFL since the turn of the century.

Based on their performance from 2000 to present day, who do you think was the best of the bunch?

For my money, Milt Stegall, hands down.

What a surprise!!!

Where are all of those ABIII supporters. Right now he doesn't have a single vote!

tough choice between cahoon and stegall..... both were great.

I went with Milt as he had more speed and added deep threat capability that cahoon never really had at the same level.

Plus there was 2002 when Milt was the CFL's most outstanding player, with 1862 yards and 23 TDs. Unstoppable that year. I can't think of another reciever who has had a season like that.

Both Milt and Cahoon are in the discussion for best of all-time, so it was difficult to pick. I went with Milt based on Touchdowns and a better ability to stretch the field (even on the last play of the game...HAHA Edmonton!)

Milt and Ben for me but if Bruce had Milt's character, who knows.

My, how time flies... LOL

My first reaction was "where's Darren Flutie???"



Flutie only played until 2002, so I didn’t think any argument could be made that he belonged on this list.

If the poll was for the 1990s, he might give Allen Pitts a good fight.

I voted for Stegall. I would have gone with Geroy Simon, but IIRC he didn't really take off until a few years into the decade.

Close but taking Simon over Stegall. Playing out west and late at night most of the time I dont think eastern fans got the full sense of how good Simon really is.

Nope, Simon is moody, Milt.just."did it" without Simon's theatrics.