Best receiver in Riders History?

now I can't put more then 10 picks... so i'll be careful

hard to compare Ray and Don. Different position requiring some different skills and I think they were pretty equal at doing what they did best.

Joey Walters or Chris DeFrance are my picks!

I think Elgaard Fairholm and Narcisse are top 3, i cant say much about Hugh Campbell cause im too young. But i remember in 89 Cup Narcisse and Fairholm scoring (i think they both scored) so thats mostly how i remember them.

Don Narcisse was a great player on and off the field and is the best [i]RIDER[/i] Receiver ever! :wink: Don started the catch for kids program, and he was the best go to in need of a 1st down receiver. 8) a very very smart player

Thank god nobody remembers Stu Frazer,more commonly known as "Two Step Stu" I'm sure he was the slowest reciever ever to play the game, great hands but slooooow, always looked like he was running in sand , he was a long time Rider of course, who also was a regular on the return teams......yawn

As of right now, I would have to go with Narcisse. There are others who are not on the list. Rhett Dawson, Walters and DeFrance come to mind. Riders do have some duds in that spot as well, like the aforementoined Fraser. Unfortunately for us, two of them are on the current roster. Grant and French.

Walters Defrance and a guy named Rhett Dawson (super Hands)...Mark Guy and Mayfield should be dumped for any of the two above

Doh sorry Sambo I didnt read your post..being an Old fart like me we agree :slight_smile:

Don Narcisse

Also consider Ray Elgaard, Joey Walters, Huge

Rhett Dawson and Jeff Fairholm were awesome.

Well, I'm much too young to have seen most of these guys play, but I do remember Narcisse, and he wins by far on my list. That guy was always my favourite player growing up, and if the threw the ball his way, it was nearly guaranteed he'd catch it.

Boy was I sad the day they cut him . . .

Yeah, when Narcisse and Jurasin got cut it was not cool. Not how you want to see 2 legends like them go out.

Don believed he could still play another year or two. He played 13 seasons, along time. He was 34 when they cut him.

I’m waiting for the CFL to put him in the Hall of Fame, he’s next in line, since Jurasin is now in.

Put Kent Austin in as well.