Best Receiver in CIS?

Windsor's Glenn MacKay... someone tell me different.

I dont pay attention to CIS really...

Regina Rams have a verey good reciever in Getzlaff, the younger bro of the hockey star. It helps that they have a good Qb to get him the ball.

To any CIS fans out there they should definetly watch the U of S Huskies vs Manitoba Bisons in 45 minutes on the Score. Should be a very very physical game. both teams are really good, especially the Bisons. Hopefully the Huskies can pull off the upset.

Since thee's a thread about the CIS, I'd like to share with you the news of Laval University winning the Dunsmore Cup this afternoon for a fourth year in a row.

Who wants a piece of the Rouge & Or this year?

looks like the huskies are pull off the upset, WOO SASKATCHEWAN!!

We do. We dismantled them last year. We can do it this year. It will be the Vanier this year if we play this time. But it will still be in Saskatoon. If the Huskies make it to thye Vanier I don't envy any team coming here.