best RB

oops forgot edwards

well its john avery not sean, and its troy davis not BEN, and why isnt kenton keith on that list?

thanks and I was limitted to how many options and thought I was at the limit but had 1 more

I am sorry "Esks" you may have missed the boat completely on this one...have you seen the running back 'Edwards' for Montreal. This guy is turning heads!

Former #1 pick with New England and who at one time had over 1100 yards in the NFL until a knee injury. I am not an Als fan, but right now I think this guy may be the best thing going as far as running backs go...

Tony Tompkins shouldn't even be on that list........................................... (KR)

messed up

At this point in the season I would say Roberts, Edwards & Keith in that order, 3rd was a toughy others are so close... but if Keith continues to churn our 100yard games like he is capable he is definate 3rd..
Edwards & Roberts made a Hugh impact on recent wins (Hence game Breakers)..Reynolds Died off a bit but thats not saying he isnt capable.. Warren is steady but under utilized.. Holmes wont get the ball as long as Keith is starting.. still very good RB..
Davis And Avery havent proven anything this year