Best RB in the CFL?

Is it Charles Roberts, Joffrey Reynolds, Ricky Williams, Robert Edwards, Kenton Keith, Troy Davis, or someone else? For my money, its Roberts. Too fast, too quick, too strong, can catch. He's the perfect back and; best of all, he's the most fun to my case.

why didnt you make this a poll??

  1. A tie = Dave Dickenson and Ricky ray cuz they run for their life so well!!!
    Also they both use the sift arm so well evading tacklers!!!

Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams?? Hve you even seen him play? Hes atrocious!

Im gonna say that Charles Roberts is the best without a dought. His pure speed and Reggie Bush-like style just makes all the defenders miss when theyre trying to take him down.

Looking at the stats Ricky Williams has the same avg/carry as Roberts behind, imo, a worse o-line.

But even stating that I still think Roberts is the back I'd most want to have.

Reynolds is a great back and I think those two will fight it out for most yards this season.

Choo-Choo Charles Roberts. No question.

Why even have this as a topic? :wink: Kidding....kidding.....

Roberts, hands down.

I second (or third, whatever) that.

Williams has to get 100 yards a game before he is even mentioned in the same sentence as Roberts.

Charles Roberts by a mile. That little squirt always seems to find a hole and he's very evasive.

Charlie has been dominant each year he's been in the league. He's already near the top of the Bomber record book, and will climb the CFL record list before it is all said and done.
The biggest thing about him is for a small guy he always gets up from these hits, and very rarely gets injured (knock on wood) I think he has only missed a couple games in his career.

Anyone who can get 1500 yards on the ground, and 500 in the air EACH YEAR is special.

SIR Charles!

barry sanders

was as good as all of them put together.

for pure talent...ricky williams..but for the cfl charles roberts

With 9 carries for 6 total yards this afternoon, my vote would have to be for Ricky Williams. And, at $500,000 per year, at least Toronto didn't overpay for him. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Charles Roberts, no question. Especially if u just saw the winnipeg-toronto game.

Ricky Williams was dominating. Six yards on nine carries. Outstanding!

Cancel the remainder of the season, and have Purolator courier the Grey Cup to the Argos.