Best RB ( fixed version )

Edwards and Warren have done incredible Roberts and Reynolds are also doing well :lol: :lol: 8) 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Personally I think that Warren is the best all around back. He can run real well, break tackles, beat you in a foot race. Also he can catch, which is extremely important in the pass-centered CFL.

Once again, Tompkins does not belong on this list, he's a kick returner. Bradley isn't even our #1 RB... None of our RB's are worth putting on this list.

I was putting at least 1 for each team k? and mcclendon is injured

Really? You're telling me something new here... I'll check that out. I just thought Joseph took his place since he had started as our #1. Either way.... we're desperate for a good RB.

Well Individually Roberts is best right now as I posted in your Error filled early post... lol. Edwards a very close second.
But when you put it in pairs, Keith and Holmes are the best.. IF the poll was more specific like who has the best running game....Riders win hands down .

Whooo!!! something to cheer about :slight_smile:

Yeah, we won't bring up the passing game/QB's :wink:

McClendon/Joseph for edmonton…anf you can edit your previous poll

Umm Please Dont Canuck let us have our small moment of Glory in peace ..:slight_smile:

Lots of good ones to choose from, Roberts, Reynolds, Holmes, I think because he's young and impressive at his young age, I'd go with Reynolds.

After that Montreal Calgary game last night. I saw what Montreals RB can can do. I mean Edwards is an amazing RB. He was bouncing off Calgary's linebackers like they were just recievers :twisted: He was catchign balls. He was finding a hole and going through it. I mean this guy just makes things happen. There were a couple times where this guy moves his feet so quick. I mean seriously next time your watching a Montreal game try and watch this guys feet. There were a few times where the camera angle had them in there. And there jsut quick and i mean quick. I hate to say that he's probably not going to be in the CFL to long. He'll be back in the NFL. If it wasnt for that injury to his knee. Hed be there right now. And we never would've seen anythign from him.

Reynolds is a tank.
Holmes, Roberts, Warren are impressive all round backs.
Edwards looks good. haven't seen much of him

I think like you. If he continue to run so well, and progress as he do, he'll be back in the NFL. Anyone know the lenght of his contract ? Probably just one year...

Okay there is no denying that there are talented backs across the whole league. But how can one possibly consider anyone other than Roberts as top in the league. He is the leading rusher in the league, ran for well over 1400 yards last year and was the league's leading rusher the year before. He is quite possibly the most dangerous offensive threat across the whole league. He is the complete player.

Reynold's is the second leading rusher in the league for a reason, but after he took that shot that left him without feeling in one of his arms, he has looked hesitant at times and doesn't seem to run with the same authority.

Holmes and Keith are the best tandem, but Keith hasn't played his best ball and I feel sorry for Holmes, cuz he should be considered the starter for the team. He is about the only guy that produces on a consistant basis. He is another all around back, just not in the same league as Roberts.

About the only other guy worth mentioning is Warren in BC. Again another solid contributer, very similar in style to Reynolds, but again, just not as good as Roberts.

Edmonton badly needs a good RB shame Mike Pringle retired he was awesome!!! :cry: :cry: Roberts or Reynolds would be huge for the offence :smiley:

I wish you guys still had Pringle too!!!


he was so close to the record 3 yards away :cry: if they mixed pass and rush in the last bit he would of had it by about 20-30 yards

Bring him back, start a petition!!! LMAO

LMAO LOL if that doent work trade Maas for a RB if Ray gets injured sign someone else :smiley:

Michael Jenkins is available!