Best qb

After throwing for 42% accuracy in the west semi final is Bo still the best qb in the CFL? The media always think so. I say hell no. The two best qbs have been Cody and Dane. Bo sucks and Harris throws 5 yard passes and is very boring. Who do you think has been the best qb


Possibly. I think he still has the best QB stats. I’ve always thought that BLM was good but over-rated. The only QB stats that were extremely good were his td/int ratio which is reverting to the mean lately and his win/loss record which to me is far more of a team stat than a QB stat (witness Riley and BLM this year).

A case can certainly be made for Duron Carter of BC.

  • He has a 100% completion rate.
  • Avg. yardage per pass of 61.5 yards.
  • 50% of his passes go for TD’s.
  • His efficiency rating is 508.3!

Who can top that?

That’s why he got cut, he was a much better Qb than a receiver.

Once he learns to throw and catch the same pass he will be back in the league.

Yes, he is.

The great Dane

Definitely not Fajardo.
He isn’t even too 5.

It’s tough to separate BLM from the Stamps. If he went to another team and had similar success he would have a much stronger argument about his own greatness. But the fact that every QB under the Hufnagel regime (2008 to present) has had success there makes it harder to judge the player. There wasn’t much drop-off this year under the rookie Arbuckle.

That said, based on career to date, I think it’s either BLM or Reilly. If you’re picking a QB for the next 3-5 years, you might choose to go younger than Reilly.

I think Mitchell and Reilly are still the top two QB’s in the league, but the gap is closing. I firmly believe Masoli would have entered that top tier with them if he hadn’t gotten hurt this year.

Next year, I’d still rank Mitchell and Reilly 1A and 1B, with Masoli (pending health), Evans, and Vernon Adams in the next tier.

Like Crash said, Fajardo is behind all of the guys I mentioned, somewhere around Matt Nichols and Arbuckle.

Edit: Totally forgot about Trevor Harris. Dang, there’s a lot of guys I’d rank above Fajardo :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with ExPat (and I am NOT a fan of BLM). Based on this year (other than the WSF where BLM stunk the joint out) and recent past seasons, those are the 2 best QBs in the CFL currently. Can’t consider the “new kids” just yet, but a healthy Masoli might have broken through to be part of the top 3.

The good news is there is a lot of young talent in the league at QB. The challenge, for evaluation purposes, is that we don’t have a long track record to judge most of them.

There are only four QBs who have ever even taken their team to a Grey Cup, and they all play in the west (not SSK). One of them wasn’t even active a month ago. And only two QBs have won a ring as a starter.

In a year or two things should be more clear. One thing we know for sure is that there will be a third QB wearing a ring by next season.

NOBODY else supporting Carter? ??

In order of who id take, not considering age:

Nobody from Ottawa

Collaros doesn’t count.

This isn’t a troll at Rider fans, I just don’t get the hype around Fajardo. He doesn’t do it for me.

Indeed as time goes on we will know who is for real and who simply got hot this year with a good team around them.

Consider Dane, Fajardo, McBeth and Adams in the same boat.
Which one of these guys is the next Anthony Calvillo and who is simply a one hit wonder.

Masoli will be intetesting as he was just on the cusp of greatness…will he take the next step or regress after the injury.

The Collaros/Streveler tandem QB duo. Tough to defend against.

Sitting by the Wood Stove this morn ,minus 11C outside , NW Canada weather , I also lean to the

tandem of Streveler & Collaros as the best QB in the CFL at the moment .

Highly paid Reilly & Mitchell have been disappointing , I would not select them , would take a

moderately priced younger QB and be able to put a good team around them .

I think Montreals’ Adams is Chuck Ealy-esque , Chuck Ealy the TiCat rookie QB who won the 1972 Grey Cup …

Happy for Masoli & the great Dane .

Streveler - Collaros tandem are the best this year?
And how many games do you base this on?::slight_smile:

The last two games ,you know the ones that matter, like the Western Semi Final…

Kind of a yes and no on this one mr62cats. Against the Stamps, Collaros didn’t really run, and Streveler didn’t really pass. Would a sharp DC not structure his defences to deal with that? Might get burned once in a while, but over-all, seems to be a fairly straightforward defensive scheme?