there's no competition comparin the bombers to those other two kevin glenn gets it done, the other two teams ahh.... blow

At the beggining of the season i wouldve easily said Saskatchewan. I mean with Greene and Crandell how could u go wrong. But neither of them have been playing good at all. And i refuse to say Winnipeg. And i never wouldve said Hamilton but they've got Jones now and I really think that hes the answer to our problems (well for next year anyways)

QB Eff Rating of the starters:

Glenn - 91.3
Greene - 74.3
Mac - 58.2 = 0 wins

Wow. I didn't think Greene would rate so high. I'd have to say, at this point, that Glenn is looking as though he'd be the better QB - of course, one has to take into consideration that he's played fewer games than the other two. Nonetheless, I still think he's looking better overall.

I think winnipegs out of the one there but why not include Edm's B.C's Toronto's and Ottawa

That is one sad questionaire...I am not faulting your creativity, but right now those teams suck big time...and I am a Rider Fan (albeit suffering - again).

lol, when I read the topic to this post, I thought, "oh great, another CFL-wide poll that will just prove what everyone knows, that Dickenson is probably the best QB out there this year ... "

But it being between those three teams, makes it interesting :wink:

I think that, out of Glenn, Michna, Greene, Crandell, Brady, Jones and McManus, I'd have to say that Michna looks the most promising. I haven't seen enough of Glenn to really say how he is. Hamilton definitely has the most depth of the 3, and Jones and McManus have both shown they can get the job done ... in past year. I'd vote for Winnipeg, just because right now ... the other two teams aren't doing anything!

And Crandell is ... incompetent. Makes me feel bad for saying it, but as a Calgary fan, I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Kel1 ... about being a Rider fan that's suffering again ... doesn't the suffering have to stop at some point for you to be able to use the word "again"? I think the word you're looking for is "still", or maybe "as always" :wink:

You forgot BC, Edmonton, Montreal,