Best QB tandem in the CFL????????

Who in your opinion has the best one-two punch with quarterbacks this year in the CFL.

Arguments could be made for Saskatchewan, and B.C.
Who else????????????????? :thup:

I would say BC, Riders do have some depth, but Crandell, at least in this young season, has not played enough to warrant being called a one-two punch. Until Crandell has the chance to start and win games for the Riders, he is just another back-up. The Toronto QB situation seems to be clearer, and a Bishop-McMahon combination could be one to watch in the near future.

Once the season progresses I like how the Argos will look at QB. All three guys (Bishop, McMahon, Allen) want to be starters. This season is the tryout for the next Argo QB. Next season two of them will be gone. Allen will also be retired. But until then they will be strong with their QB's.

…edmonton for sure…

That back up in Edmonton probably runs as well as Ray. I think the Esks should pick up Butler.

...yes, a little immobile, but a tough nut to hit and bring down all the same....

I'd say Dickenson, Pierce and Jackson are the best tandem in the league.

...1+1+1=2.... :? ....

I added Jackson in there because he could probably be a starter on some teams in the league, yet he is our third string. Its widely known that the Lions are the CFL's QB factory.

...interesting boast, and I'm not refuting the claim, but what current QBs not on the lions squad came to the CFL through BC?....

I dunno rw05, please tell me, because I dont know. Apparently it is widely known... lol

I guess I phrased that improperly. My point is that the Lions have had the best QB depth in the CFL for the last few seasons. The fact that Jarius Jackson could be a starter on some teams and is our third string makes me think this is true.

We sure are in a lot less trouble with our starter going down than other teams.

And if you want to make it top two QB's, I challenge you to find a better 1-2 punch than Dickenson and Pierce.

We also had a player that went to the NFL recently. His name is Casey Printers.

hey, someones got to put in a vote for hamilton, might as well be me :slight_smile:

Toronto Argonauts. One-Two-Three-Punch!!!

To me it's a no brainer.

  1. Dickenson is the best QB in the league
  2. Pierce is the best backup QB in the league

That would make them the best tandem

Dude, you dont have to post the same thing in the same post numerous times... We understand, you think the Lions have the best one-two punch, fair enough. Nobody is arguing with you...

...but to be clear RLR, which QB tandem is the tops in the CFL?...

he just wants somebody to disagree with him so he can tell them they are not real football fans, and heaven help a lions fan who doesnt agree with him.

Doncha know, every player on the lions team should be on the all star team and dont dare say anybody else should, if you call yourself a lions fan.

[i]"Its widely known that the Lions are the CFL's QB factory.

Not true. I think Wally Buono is the CEO of the Quaterback Factroy. From his time in Calgary he brought in Barrett,Flutie,Dickensen, Garcia, Burris. Did Buono also found Peirce and bring in Printers.