Best QB in west

Im going with Henry Burris.

What has Burris done to even make the list, west divetion allstar give me a brake. When the big game is on, he himself loses it. Ray has the big numbers and two Grey Cup rings.

If I got to pick any qb right now in the west I'd take Burris too. Printers may go to the NFL. Dickenson is injury prone, Ray didn't play good at the end of the season (except for the last quarter and OT of the grey cup) and got pulled three straight times.

Burris was the MVP of a team that was suppose to do nothing this year. Also if the Riders D would have held up in 2004 he would have taken them to the grey cup.

And I would also take Glenn over Crandell and Greene.

......I'd like to know since when does the western division end at Saskatchewan's eastern border?..........

hey....if Nealon Greene is on the list come Tee Martin ain' should list all of the great QB'S.... :lol: :lol:

I would have to go with Ray.
He did have the best numbers and he did win the game that counted most

Hey, everybody seems to forget Spergon Wynn. I know he never played this year, but damn he looked good in BC. Winnepeg should have played him instead of giving Tee Martin so many chances, I mean how long does it take to see that Tee Really Sucked. :shock:

Spergeon Wynn is gonna be a suprise ... when healthy, i think hes a star.

i picked Burris...was so close to making the west finals this year...put up all the points, then his D blew it.

I still don't think that the D, or Burris, blew it. I think it was Reynold's fumbles ... and the general inability to answer back to an Edmonton drive.

I think Dickenson ... or Printers. I don't even understand why Greene and Crandell are on the list ... The Riders have great depth at QB, now they just need a starter :wink:

they should go get Spergeon Wynn from winnipeg...or sign Kahri Jones...i wouldnt write him off just yet.

I agree with you DG. I have no idea nor did Jim Daley ever discuss why Spurgeon Wynn did not even play one down in 05. Especially when that stiff Tee Martin played and looked horrible in several games.

Maybe Winnipeg needs to give Wynn a go but Glenn has got the numbers.

Michna has the power!!!

yes, but if they give spergeon a chance, and he looks impressive...then winnipeg has a choice to make at QB and an asset to trade for improvements elsewhere!

Its nice to see a Winnipeg QB there :frowning:

I would say it's a tie between Dave Dickerson and Casey Printers. Casey needs to go to another teams because I think BC has more of an invested interest of Dickerson than him.

Ricky Ray is overrated, he throws too many interceptions.

Yeah Ray is overrated.2 grey cups in 3 years.
Give your head a shake!!!

with Berry taking over i think he'll give Wynn a chance at QB....He'll be backup for sure

if Wynn stayswith the Bombers that is...

What about Danny Mac?

The best quarterback in the west in 2005 is now in the east.

Posted: Dec 15, 2005 - 06:10 PM

if Wynn stayswith the Bombers that is...